PAR311 Leadership in Clinical Practice Sunshine Coast University Assignment

Description of Assessment Task

Critically reflect upon a scenario from clinical practice in which one of your core values was challenged. Individually produce a 750-word written reflection summarising how this experience will improve your future practice 

Steps for Success: PAR311 Leadership in Clinical Practice

  1. Awareness and description of the situation (100 words)
  • using the VIA Strengths Assessment (Week 3), identify and describe one of your top three values
  • describe a past clinical leadership situation in which this core value was challenged
  • Identify one thought or feeling that occurred as a result of this situation
  1. Application of reflective model (650 words)

Use the Atkins and Murphy (1993) model of reflection to critically analyse your experience. You should:

  • critically analyse the one thought or feeling that occurred as a result of the clinical leadership situation & critically analyse your knowledge relevant to the clinical leadership situation (250 words)
  • Evaluate the relevance of your knowledge using appropriately selected academic sources to support your arguments  (200 words)
  • summarise your findings and identify how your behaviour has changed as a result of reflecting upon the experience(200 words)

Atkins, S. and Murphy, K. (1993) ‘Reflection: a review of the literature’, Journal of Advanced Nursing, vol. 18, pp. 1188–1192.

Further notes to help you complete your reflection:

  • Please feel free to use the subheadings outlined in the Atkins and Murphy (1993) reflective model to structure your reflection, and ‘signpost’ the marker to where you have completed each section fo the assignment.
  • I have provided a word count guide against each section of the assessment. The emphasis for this assessment is around your ability to critically analyse the thought or feeling that you identify, as well as the context of the situation in which it occurred.
  • The lecture in week 3 (‘The Importance of Self-Reflection in Leadership’) describes critical analysis in detail. We will also undertake activities in Workshop 2 to explore this further.
  1. Communication of clinical experience
  • Your work should be well-presented in the prescribed reference style (this includes the layout of the assignment), with no spelling, syntax or grammatical errors – Paramedic Students:VancouverNursing StudentsHarvardor APA
  • 750 words + / -10%

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