NURBN3030 Nursing Essay-Federation University Australia.

Weighting: 40%
Word Count: 2500 words (+/- 10%)
Purpose: This assessment task is designed to develop the student’s ability to integrate theory into practical
clinical knowledge using a patient case scenario. This task is intended to encourage students to practise
writing and presenting researched material in a logical and concise manner that is academically rigorous.
Therefore, each student is to demonstrate critical thinking, development of argument, discerning use of
resources and the application of the principles of academic writing. Referencing, spelling and grammar, and
overall presentation will also be assessed.
NURBN3030 Nursing Essay-Federation University Australia.

Format: The layout is a questions and answer style; an introduction or conclusion is NOT necessary.
However, should include logically structured discussion sections. May use diagrams in their answers where
appropriate. You are strongly encouraged to use headings to assist in the flow of your writing, but they must
conform to APA guidelines. The preferred layout of your paper should be double spaced with block
paragraphing (no indenting). Do not indent the first line of each paragraph. Page numbers are to be included
on the bottom left corner of the page.

Presentation: All work should be typed in 12-point font, double spaced; and written and presented according
to the academic guidelines using APA (7th Edition) referencing. For further assistance in relation to academic
writing and referencing, refer to the Federation University library home page:
The length of the essay is 2500 words (+/- 10%). Any task that is under or over the allocated limits by 10% will
attract a deduction from the final mark for the task.

References: A minimum of 15-20 references must be used for the essay. These should be no more than 7
years old unless of historical significance and/or of specific relevance to the topic (for example; the Ottawa
Charter from 1986). These references must be a mixture of books and journals or Library database sources.
Dictionaries or Wikipedia are not considered a primary reference and therefore will not be counted in the
reference count. Direct quotes, appendices or the reference list, are not counted in the word limit. Direct
quotes must be limited to no more than 50 words and be according to APA 7th Edition style. Please ensure
that you adhere to the specific guidelines set out by the APA 7th Edition guidelines available within the general guide to referencing:

Submission: All essays for Assessment task 2 are to be submitted before or on the due date and stipulated
time and submitted electronically via Turnitin. Please ensure the first page of your submitted work includes the
assessment title, due date, relevant academic, student name AND student ID number. When submitting
online, please ensure that the file name includes the Course Code, Surname and Student ID number. For
example: NURBN3030 Smith 30109999. Ensure there are no spaces or use of punctuation (!?/;_-). Marks
maybe deducted if the file name does not conform to these instructions (presentation guidelines).

NURBN3030 Nursing Essay-Federation University Australia.

NURBN3030 Nursing Essay-Federation University Australia.

Turnitin: Turnitin software will be used in this course and all essays submitted for marking must be submitted
through the Turnitin software. For assistance with the use of Turnitin please see the section Assistance with
Online Submission provided in this document. Students are required to submit their Essay as a Microsoft
Word file (.doc/.docx) via the corresponding assessment task Turnitin dropbox within the Assessment Module
of Moodle. Please note that your Essay will be graded within Turnitin using GradeMark and therefore you are
no longer required to submit your work via the submission link in Moodle. The GradeMark® digital mark-up
tool allows instructors to mark and grade papers online in a paperless environment. Instructors can create
custom sets of comments and marks for grading as well as use rubric scorecards that feature quick scoring of
student papers against a list of scaled criteria created by the instructor or educational institution.

Please Note: If Turnitin prevents the electronic submission of your assignment (e.g. if either service is
defective or unavailable) you should contact the ICT Service Desk and attempt to resolve the problem. If the
problem cannot be resolved, you must email an electronic copy of your final assignment directly to the Course
Coordinator before the due date. The Course Coordinator or the assessor of the assignment may then elect to
submit the assignment to Turnitin on your behalf. Please note you will need to indicate in a covering email
with the assignment submission, the date, time and circumstances of the reason that you could not submit
your assignment to Turnitin. Please note that you should always attempt to complete and submit your
assignment as early as possible to avoid any potential problems. Please note that written work not submitted
to Turnitin will not be marked, and therefore result in a zero grade.

Marking: Marking of essays will be completed by relevant academics and feedback will be provided both via
electronic track changes and on the marking guide (see final page of this document). The marking guide will
demonstrate assessment standards for expected content as well as structure, grammar and spelling.
Referencing will also be assessed. Assessment grades will be provided to students via Moodle. Marking is to
be completed and grades allocated within approximately 3-4 weeks of submission as per university policy.

Appeals: In accordance with the Student Appeals Procedure, an appeal against a final grade must be
submitted in writing and lodged within 10 working days of the publication of the final grade or result. Following due consideration (within 30 days) the student will be provided with a written response to the appeal, including
reasons for the decision. The School must notify Student Administration of any amended results following an
appeal. If the student is not satisfied with the decision, they can submit an appeal to the Appeals Committee in
accordance with Regulation 2.2.

This assessment task allows students to demonstrate theoretical clinical knowledge around nursing assessment, pathophysiology of factors impacting on clinical deterioration, planning of nursing care, nursing and medical management, and evaluation of care. Students are required to answer the case scenario questions provided.

Students should attempt all questions in the case study:

…You are a Graduate Nurse commencing your afternoon shift on a surgical ward. You have arrived in
recovery to collect your patient, Mr You sef Kahil.

  • 72-year-old Male who has had a Hartmann’s procedure resulting in the formation of a colostomy.
  • Past Medical History: Newly diagnosed bowel cancer, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, current smoker (20 pack per day), Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.
  • Nil Known Allergies.

NURBN3030 Nursing Essay-Federation University Australia.

NURBN3030 Nursing Essay-Federation University Australia.

Question 1: Describe the Hartmann’s Procedure including definition, indications, and complications. Ensure you apply this discussion to Mr Kahil.

You are handed over that the procedure went well with no complications. Mr Kahil was stable throughout the
recovery period. His observations pre transfer to the ward are:
• Alert and coherent
• Temperature: 35.9 and warm on palpation
• Pulse: 72 bpm and regular
• Blood Pressure: 110/72mmHg (MAP 65mmHg)
• Respiration: 16 bpm
• SpO2: 99% on 1lt intranasal delivery
• Pain: 1/10 (localised to abdomen, dull in characteristics)

Mr Kahil is transported back to your ward for ongoing management. When you arrive on the ward you notice
that Mr Kahil appears to be diaphoretic and cool to touch. You immediately complete a set of vital signs:

• Drowsy
• Temperature: 35.1 and cool on palpation
• Pulse: 102 bpm and regular
• Blood Pressure: 91/58mmHg (MAP 60mmHg)
• Respiration: 14 bpm
• SpO2: 92% on 1lt intranasal delivery
• Pain: 1/10 (localised to abdomen, dull in characteristics)

Question 2: Review the above vital signs of Mr Kahil. Using your knowledge of the common causes of clinical deterioration in the postoperative patient; state which likely reversible cause (one of the 4H’s & 4T’s) Mr Kahil is experiencing and describe its pathophysiological cause resulting in Mr Kahil’s deterioration. Ensure you include a discussion of the pathophysiology of the reversible cause and link to the above vital signs.

Question 3: Discuss THREE specific nursing assessments that would be prioritised for Mr Kahil’s deterioration (excluding vital signs). For EACH nursing assessment, ensure your discussion includes a description of these assessments in the context of Mr Kahil’s condition AND clear rationale as to why these assessments would be priority.

Question 4: Discuss THREE specific nursing interventions that YOU as a Registered Nurse could initiate to manage Mr Kahil’s deterioration. For EACH intervention, ensure your discussion includes link to evidence-based practice AND provides rationale as to how it would improve the physiological outcomes of Mr Kahil’s condition.

*Nursing interventions would include nursing activities or actions that the nurse could initiate in response to nursing assessment findings. Note: please be aware of the difference between an assessment and an intervention.

NURBN3030 Nursing Essay-Federation University Australia.

NURBN3030 Nursing Essay-Federation University Australia.

Questions 5: Mr Kahil is prescribed a bolus of intravenous isotonic crystalloid fluids. Describe the indication for and physiological effect of administration of bolus fluids. Ensure you link to the pathophysiology occurring in Mr Kahil’s deterioration and how intravenous fluids may assist.

Question 6: Describe THREE nursing evaluations that you would complete in response to the assessments and interventions you have completed. For EACH evaluation, provide a brief rationale as to how these evaluations will assist in preventing the further clinical deterioration of Mr Kahil.

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