NUR352 Nursing Assignment -Tasmania University Australia.

Subject Code & Title: NUR352 Nursing
Word Count: 1000 Words
Task Description:To complete this assessment task, you will draw on a therapeutic encounter from your professional experience placement (PEP), which you will recreate through role play with a peer.  You may choose to video this recreation to enhance your reflection on the encounter using a structured framework to identify strengths of the therapeutic approach you used.  This is based on the 6-category intervention analysis by John Heron.
NUR352 Nursing Assignment -Tasmania University Australia.

NUR352 Nursing Assignment -Tasmania University Australia.

Information about Heron’s six category intervention analysis can be found in Module 2, page 2.2. It will be examined in Intensive 1 when you will have an opportunity to practice this.

Elements required for this assessment will be explored during your Intensive 1 on campus or online workshop.

Assessment criteria:
Criterion 1: Identify an interaction from PEP that illustrates an exchange with therapeutic intent.
Criterion 2 : Document a therapeutic interaction that includes verbal, paralinguistic and nonverbal elements.
Criterion 3 : Analyse the therapeutic exchange and identify the type and intent of your exchange according to the set framework.
Criterion 4: Critique the exchange, developing alternate interactions with focused therapeutic intent.
Criterion 5: Communicate in a professional manner and adhere to academic presentation requirements.

Measures Intended Learning Outcome:

Part 1 Select and document a therapeutic encounter from your PEP
1.Provide a brief introduction to your interaction. Include the person’s reason for admission, the nature of the facility and a summary of your previous interactions with this person.
2.Document your interaction, including verbal, paralinguistic and non-verbal communication using the format provided in the first column of template).

Part 2 Analyse the therapeutic encounter
1.Analyse this documentation to identify the therapeutic approaches you used and the responses of the person, using the same document format or template provided.
2.Based on this analysis, write a paper in which you reflect on the strengths of these approaches and consider where alternative therapeutic interactions might have been used for a different response.
3.A concluding statement summarising alternative approaches to the interactions should be included.


Introduction to intervention analysis
Before you explore Heron’s 6 category Intervention analysis, it is useful to recall what you have learnt so far about therapeutic communication. In NUR137 Mental Health 1 and other Units, you have learnt about the fundamental importance of active listening for effective communication and establishing a therapeutic relationship.

However, communication consists of two parts – a sending and a receiving function. We have explored the verbal. paralinguistic and non-verbal features of our spoken communication, and this topic will take your understanding and skills further. By extending your knowledge of the intention of your communication, you will extend and enhance your communication skills. Awareness of the intention of your communication allows you to develop discernment in choosing different ways to interact according to need.

These skills will be the focus of Assessment Task 2. In Assessment Task 3, you will extend these skills further by learning how to incorporate motivational interviewing principles as well.

NUR352 Nursing Assignment -Tasmania University Australia.

NUR352 Nursing Assignment -Tasmania University Australia.

Heron’s six category intervention analysis
Heron’s six category intervention analysis is a conceptual framework the helps nurses and other caring professions to understand their interpersonal relationships with clients. An intervention refers to any communication – verbal or non-verbal – that is a part of the nursing care of the client.

Writing task: Intervention style questionnaire Complete the for a self – assessment of your usual approach to working with and communicating with other people. This will take about 15 minutes.

Note: On the score sheet the categories in the “TOTALS FOR EACH COLUMN” are PR- prescriptive, IN -informative, CO –Confronting, CT –Cathartic, CL –Catalytic, SU- Supportive.

Analysing your interactions allows one to become more aware of the range of alternative interactions that are possible. This identification allows greater precision with interventions and for them to be guided by a greater sense of intention. This assessment exercise will help you better understand the strengths and weaknesses of your patterns of interaction. This can help you to identify areas for development of a greater range of interpersonal skills.

NUR352 Nursing Assignment -Tasmania University Australia.

NUR352 Nursing Assignment -Tasmania University Australia.

Heron regards enhancement of growth and development as a therapeutic activity which can be subdivided into authoritative or facilitative interventions.

These are further divided as below:
Heron’s six categories of interventions
Authoritative :Prescriptive Informative Confronting
Facilitative Cathartic Catalytic Supportive

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