NUR104 Nursing Assignment Task 2 – University Australia.

Assessment Criteria:
The workbook responses will be assessed according to the following criteria:
1.Use of evidence to analyse the biophysiological, and psycho-social processes associated with ageing
2.Interpretation of health challenges for older people
3.Interpret and use evidence to plan care to support the health needs of the older person in diverse health settings
4.Critical appraisal of principles of equity, rights and access
5.Information literacy skills: use of sources and citations
6.Written presentation including structure, grammar, application of referencing protocol Harvard
NUR104 Nursing Assignment Task 2 – University Australia.

NUR104 Nursing Assignment Task 2 - University Australia.

Workbook Format:
The workbook contains 7 questions about ageing, health challenges and health care contexts for the older client for you to respond to. You must adhere to the word limit provided for each response.

Workbook Instructions:

  • Answer each question in the workbook template using the space provided.
  • The template is set at 1 1⁄2 line spacing and Calibri font size 12. Do not change the formatting.
  • You are required to respond to the questions in your own words. Do not use direct quotes.
  • Each question includes a guide for the maximum number of words expected for the response. Keep within this word limit.

Supporting literature to answer the questions:
For each answer, provide in text citations(references) that demonstrate you have used the most appropriate source for your response e.g. policy documents, journal article, textbook etc. You must include at least one citation(reference) for each answer, and you are expected to use a variety of sources e.g. textbook, journal articles, credible websites, etc.

Reference List:
At the end of each question you need to provide the full reference details, in alphabetical order, of each citation(reference) you have used in your responses. You are asked to use the Harvard Referencing as per the guide provided by USC. You will find the guide by going to Portal – USC Community – Academic skills – Referencing.

1.Describe the ageing trend globally and in Australia. Discuss where older Australians live and their participation in paid workforce.

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2.Define healthy ageing. State different theories of ageing and discuss one of them.

  1. Discuss life expectancy in older Indigenous adults and two key health issues faced by them.Discuss two reasons behind the life expectancy gap they face

4.What is social isolation? Discuss three implications of social isolation in older adults.

NUR104 Nursing Assignment Task 2 – University Australia.

NUR104 Nursing Assignment Task 2 - University Australia.

5.Identify one organisation applicable to the older person and discuss how it contributes to the support and protection of older people in Australia.

6.What age-related changes contribute to increased risk of skin tear in older adults? What strategies can the nurse use to assess, prevent and manage skin tear?

7.What is elder abuse? Discuss elder abuse (types and signs of elder abuse) using current literature to support your response. Identify and discuss two strategies that could be enacted to overcome this challenge.

NUR104 Nursing Assignment Task 2 – University Australia.

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