NSB305 Managing Conflict Resolution Assessment – Australia.

Subject Code & Title: NSB305 Managing Conflict Resolution
Length: 1200 words +/-10%.
Word length includes in-text referencing but excludes your reference list and direct quotes. Please note markers will not mark beyond the word limit.
Weighting: 50%
Individual/Group: Individual
Task description: Your task is to demonstrate your understanding of a collaborative workplace and how as a graduate registered nurse your behaviours could facilitate this environment.
NSB305 Managing Conflict Resolution Assessment – Australia.

NSB305 Managing Conflict Resolution Assessment - Australia.

Leading And Learning Building Professional

What you need to do to prepare:
Preparation should include:

• Engagement in the activities and resources provided in lectures, tutorials, modules and readings.
• Read the TASK instructions carefully being sure that you define and understand all of the key words and directive terms, before planning your broader search of the literature.
• Approach this paper from a graduate registered nurse perspective and include these terms in your task search.

How to write your paper.

This written essay requires an introduction and a conclusion (~100 words each) and must be written as an academic paper with reference to high quality literature. Address all parts of the task below. Refer to the CRA for further guidance.

• Critically discuss the positive effect of working within a collaborative team for the graduate registered nurse during their early transition to practice experience ie. first 6 months of practice
• Explain how conflict between collaborative team members and the graduate registered nurse where there are misunderstandings or misinterpretations of the spoken word can occur.
• Describe and justify 3 strategies that the graduate registered nurse could proactively use to reduce the potential for conflict in the clinical setting.

NSB305 Managing Conflict Resolution Assessment – Australia.

NSB305 Managing Conflict Resolution Assessment - Australia.

Literature and writing standard requirements:
This written essay must be:
• Written as an academic paper in 3rd person, with an introduction, body and conclusion.
• This is a contemporary paper, and unless you are referring to a historical theory or event, literature and resources need to be within 7 years of age
• Literature must be of highest possible quality, with peer reviewed research-based material as the preference.
• Textbooks may be used but to a maximum of 25% of your total reference list.
• Legitimate websites such as the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia may be used also.
• Careful use of well-developed paragraphs that logically and clearly address the task steps and marking criteria (CRA) is essential
• There is an expectation of no grammatical, spelling or punctuation errors.
• Correct use of the QUT APA referencing style is expected.
• All intext referencing should have page and/or paragraph numbers.
• Un referenced material cannot be accepted as credible or accurate.

Format of assignment:
Your assignment should be formatted and presented as follows:
• Cover sheet with the assessment title, your name, student number, tutor name and word count, as a single document that includes your paper.
• Include a ‘footer’ on each page with your name, student number, unit code and page number.
• 3 cm margins on all sides, double-spaced text
• Times new roman/Arial, font size 12
• QUT style referencing
• Headings and sub-headings may be used to structure your assignment if you prefer
• To be submitted in electronic format as a WORD doc via Turnitin.

What you need to submit:
Submit via Turnitin under Assessment 2.
One WORD document that contains the following items: cover sheet and essay.PDF files cannot be effectively graded, so ensure that your submission is in Word format.

Resources available to assist you to complete task:
• Support for Learning on the Blackboard site
• HiQ and the library resources.
• Recommended readings and literature on the Blackboard site.
• QUT Cite|Write APA guide.
• Turnitin Tip Sheets.

Assessment Support:
• Face to face all day workshop. (Assessment 1 will be introduced).
• Online Interactive Workbook prepares for the content.
• Drop in sessions 2 weeks before the due date of each piece of assessment.
This will occur at both KG and CB campuses. Dates and times will be advertised on the announcements page.
• Blog for clarification and guidance 2 weeks before the due date.
• QUT’s Leadership, Development and Innovation workshops
• Blackboard site: Support for Learning & Employability modules

Estimated time to complete task: 30 hours.

NSB305 Managing Conflict Resolution Assessment – Australia.

NSB305 Managing Conflict Resolution Assessment - Australia.

Learning Outcomes assessment:
1.Apply knowledge and skills of professionalism, and strategic leadership in the context of the role of the new graduate registered nurse.
2.Within the context of transition to gradute nurse, employ leadership capabilities to critically evaluate practice priorities in the provision of safe, effective and holistic person-centred care.
3.Interpret and apply strategic thinking and key skills relating to intra professional and inter professional practice including conflict resolution, team functioning, and advanced communication.

How will I be assessed: 7-point grading scale using a rubric

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