Question Molecular Biology – Gene Therapy Research

Essay Topic – Question Molecular Biology – Gene Therapy Research.

Word limit 1300 words.

Required by XX/XX/XX

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Question Molecular Biology – Gene Therapy Research

Gene Therapy seems to be an important area in modern medical research. Choose one clinical area of gene therapy research for your essay and undertake literature searches for information on the developments, status and challenges on your chosen topic. If you wish you may compare the gene therapy approaches with other treatment modalities.

You may either cover a broad area in a category (e.g. gene therapy research for cancers) or be more specific in your approach (e.g. gene therapy research for a specific type of cancer).

Using secondary (review articles, text books) and at least five recent (last 10 years) primary literature articles, investigate and report on this topic.

Length 1300 words (not including reference list ) 12 point, 1 1/2 line spacing.

Assessment criteria

Title: Write a descriptive, scientific title for the essay. Try and give your work a title that is appropriate to what your final work represents. (1 mark)

Introduction: A one paragraph lead-in to immediately capture attention and indicate the material you will cover. (2 marks)

Discussion: Thorough review of literature on your topic area written in your own words. Logically organised. (10 marks)

Conclusions: In one paragraph summaries the status of the research you have reviewed in this area and any future research directions. (2 marks)

References: Cite and list all references referred to in your essay. Marks will be awarded for reference quality, citing within the report and listing references correctly at the end of the report. (2 marks)