MKT1MDP Marketing Strategy Report Assignment-Australia.

In Assignment 1, you were asked to produce a Market Analysis on the Motel Industry. This was where you gathered research on the motel industry, and evaluated the macro-environmental and segments used in the industry. Now it is your time as a marketing consultant to offer solutions to a company within the motel industry.
MKT1MDP Marketing Strategy Report Assignment-Australia.

MKT1MDP Marketing Strategy Report Assignment-Australia.

The motel industry has suffered in recent times. The typical motel is a business that offers rooms for more than one customer and has direct access to a large car parking area. They are usually situated along major roads or highways. Many people view them as ‘old fashioned’ and only used as an over nighter when travelling from one place to another (e.g. driving from Sydney to Melbourne). Revenue is decreasing due to increased competition (Airbnb) and the lack of inbound customers(those travelling from overseas).

As everyone in your group has completed your individual assignment, you can use the feedback received from your tutor to improve and now add to that assignment.Assignment 2, the Marketing Strategy Report, is where your group will choose one motel firm and try to improve their business (so that they don’t go out of business). It is up to you to choose a ‘real life’ motel e.g. St Georges Motor Inn or another motel of your choice. There is no need to contact this business. All the information gathered on them can be collected from their website. Once you have written your report, you will present your marketing strategy in-class.


1.La Trobe University cover page (not included in the word limit)
2.Title page of your choice (not included in the word limit)
3.Table of contents (not included in the word limit)
5.Summary of market analysis
6.Value proposition
7.Marketing mix:
a. Product / service offering
b. Pricing strategy
c. Promotion
9.Reference list

La Trobe Cover Page:
Table of Contents: (not included in the word limit). A list of information in the report with page numbers, plus a list of any images, diagrams and charts etc.

MKT1MDP Marketing Strategy Report Assignment-Australia.

MKT1MDP Marketing Strategy Report Assignment-Australia.

Introduction: Purpose of the report (who are you writing the report for and why?) Any basic background information relating to the report. What areas will you cover in this report (structure)? Note: please expand on your introduction from Assignment 1 to include all topics (i.e. assignment 1 and assignment 2). Please state which motel firm you have chosen for this report.

Summary of market analysis: What were the key areas of the PESTEL that most affect the motel industry? What are the main market segments available? Which market segment would you recommend a company to focus on?Note: use the feedback received from your tutor from Assignment 1 to re-write this section.

Value proposition: How will you position your selected motel to appeal to your target market? Why?

Marketing mix:

Product & Brand Strategy: What type of products/services are you offering from your selected motel? List should include the core, actual and augmented product. How will it be branded?

Pricing Strategy: What is your pricing strategy? Why?

Promotion Strategy: How will you promote your selected motel? What is your main communication strategy? There needs to be a mix of traditional media and digital media. Draw on research and/or benchmark your ideas against successful examples from either the same or different industries.

Conclusion: Summarise briefly what you have found in this entire report.

Reference List: (not included in the word limit)

Appendices: (not included in the word limit)

WORD COUNT: (+/- 10%). (approx. 750 words per student).

All these topics are part of the learning materials provided on the LMS site. It is essential that you expand your knowledge with additional research and reading (e.g. by using relevant academic papers and textbook in support to each section of the report).

The sources of information used to compile your report must be clearly stated, with appropriate in text referencing (Harvard style). A minimum of 3 academic references should be used (note that this excludes web references). The IBIS report counts as an Industry reference (not an academic reference).

As a marketing consultant, you will often produce reports like the one above.However, you also usually present these to the client in person (or online).

In your group, you are required to present your report to the class. The presentation should cover all parts of the written report, in order. To help engage the audience, it is desirable to use slides to show key information and images.

Every member of the group must feature in the presentation and talk for approximately 2-3 mins. The total presentation will be 10 mins in duration. Try to give all students an equal opportunity to present.

MKT1MDP Marketing Strategy Report Assignment-Australia.

MKT1MDP Marketing Strategy Report Assignment-Australia.

Marking Guidelines
A detailed marking rubric is available for both the written report and presentation on the LMS.

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