Mental Health Assessment-Australia.

Unit Title: Mental Health
Length:1500 words
Mark loading: 30%
Assessment Brief: Trauma Informed care (TIC) and Recovery Oriented Care (ROC)are two framework used within Mental Health.
Mental Health Assessment-Australia.

Mental Health Assessment-Australia.

Discuss both frameworks as a comparative analysis.Use the marking Rubric(below)as guidance of the learning objectives that need to be covered in this assessment.

The following are questions you should consider to assist with achieving the learning Objectives and marking guidance for this assignment:

  • What would communication with patient/clients using TIC and Roc look like?How would you utilize communication within these frameworks?
  • Why do we need to consider Mental State Assessment within TIC and ROC?what does this help us achieve?
Mental Health Assessment-Australia.
  • How does having a Therapeutic Relationship with our patients/clients achieve better outcomes for them?
  • What psychotherapies would enhance TIC and ROC? Both psychopharmacological and non-psychopharmacological interventions can be discussed.

Introduction and conclusion is necessary and is included in the word count-/+10%.References must be within 10 years old and of academic standard.10 references as a minimum should be used.

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