Medicine And Nursing Essay-Flinders University Australia.

Organising your thoughts into a coherent piece of writing is an important part of academic life, but many students find essay writing a daunting proposition. The task can appear less formidable if it is seen as a sequence of sub-tasks, the completion of one task leading to the next. Good organisation will save time and unnecessary stress, and lead to better essays.
Medicine And Nursing Essay-Flinders University Australia.

Medicine And Nursing Essay-Flinders University Australia.

All essays should have an introduction, body and conclusion. The introduction attracts the reader’s attention and indicate i the main points and structure of the essay. These main points are then developed in the body of the essay. A main point may take one or more paragraphs, depending on the length of the assignment. You should use linking words to connect your ideas and paragraphs, The conclusion draws your arguments together and leaves the reader with your final thoughts on the subject. (SLC leaflets on these areas are listed at the back of this leaflet.)

Essay requirements vary from subject to subject. Your topic course book should give details regarding the expected tormãt and which referencing style is preferred, and often provides suggestions for how to approach the topic itself’ If you are still not clear on what is required, check with your tutor’

Ask yourself what you will learn by choosing to write on a particular topic. Your interest, knowledge and background will influánce your choice, You should also take into account how easily you can find resources on a particular topic. Jotting down ideas may help you to identify what you already know and what you need to find out.


1.What exactly is being asked of you? ls it a description, a well-documented argument, a personal view or something else? Read all the information and suggestions your course book contains for that assignment -often lecturers go out of their way to provide the questions that they want covered in each section, which can form the outline of your essay.

Medicine And Nursing Essay-Flinders University Australia.

Medicine And Nursing Essay-Flinders University Australia.

2.Select the key content words of the topic and look up the deflnitions.

3. ldentify the instruction words, such as compare, discuss or explain. They will help you to use your information. (See the glossary below for more examples.)

4.How does the topic tie in with the course and the lecturer’s expectations?

5.What are the main points you want to make? List any other points that could be relevant. How do these points link together?

6.From this analysis, make a plan with headings and sub-headings’

7.Add some notes which can be built upon under each heading and sub-heading.

The above steps of analysis help focus you on the topic so that you begin your deeper research with an idea of what you are looking for.

Here’s some very general tips on how an essay should be structured.

Start the Introduction very generally. e.g.,
“The Philosophy of Mind has been a growth area only since the 1970 s when experimental research on the brain began to influence armchair speculation.

Narrow down your essay by end of the Introduction to something quite specific. e.g., “This essay will look at the main theories in cognitive science from 1970-1990. it will be claimed that 1 ) … 2) ….’

Medicine And Nursing Essay-Flinders University Australia.

Medicine And Nursing Essay-Flinders University Australia.

The body of the Essay should be divided into paragraphs,each of which should make a new point.
1.You should signal each point using connector words such as following from this point give this the first claim is secondly there more consequently most students don t use enough of this language
2.if you have 3 main things to present in the essay up accordingly.if you have 5 things to cover have 5 equal parts in the body.
3.Use numbered sections and sub-sections with titles for each section to make each part of the body clear and meaningful.Don t waffle in your essay make your points with clarity and economy and then move on.the reader can always tell if you are padding things out

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