Medicine and Nursing Assessment- Australia.

Unit Title: Medicine and Nursing
Assessment Type: Written Assessment
OVERVIEW: This assessment requires you to plan and design a health promotion project plan.
LENGTH: 2000 words including in-text and excluding end-text referencing (10% leniency either way)
Medicine and Nursing Assessment- Australia.

Medicine and Nursing Assessment- Australia.

Purpose of the Assessment:
As you progress through your nursing career you will identify areas where health promotion (including health education) is required to change behaviours. This assignment provides you with knowledge of the skills and processes used in preparing health promotion resources. Importantly it encourages you to identify that any form of health promotion (or even health education) should be designed to meet the needs of the target group and involve some form of community consultation to ascertain the need and acceptance of the health promotion. This assessment provides opportunity to develop your own health promotion project.

Learning outcomes that align to this task:
LO1 Analyse the scope of community nursing (acute, non-acute, chronic and palliative care) and inter professional practice in Australia.
LO2 Appraise advances in and limitations of Primary Health Care (PHC) in Australia and globally.
LO4 Demonstrate knowledge and skills in the assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation of care of patients, families or communities within community settings.
LO5 Analyse issues related to health outcomes, compliance and chronic disease management.
LO7 Integrate the principles of occupational health and safety, risk assessment and nursing practice within community settings.

Medicine and Nursing Assessment- Australia.

Medicine and Nursing Assessment- Australia.

1.Choose one of the below vSIM Focus areas (or choose another chronic health condition of your particular interest, aligned with the National Health Priority Areas Type 2 Diabetes COPD

2.Prepare a detailed and innovative health promotion project plan for your chosen vSIM focus area/National Health Priority and Health issue in an Australian community (Indigenous or non-Indigenous).

3.Make sure you follow the outlined 8 assessment criteria below.

4.The health promotion project plan should be in the form of one of the following:
1. Education on risk factors awareness and illness prevention
2.Education on illness management (such as how to manage hypertension to prevent stroke)



  • Ensure timely completion of study materials that you should have covered in sessions 1-6 before commencing this assessment as information pertaining to the above criteria can be found in the learning materials
  • Visit the AIHW web site and explore the available resources
  • Conduct further research using library resources and review other websites and journal articles.
  • Please contact your unit coordinator if you are unsure of how to get started.
  • Watch the following presentation that may assist you with understanding of concepts of self-management of chronic conditions:

Medicine and Nursing Assessment- Australia.

Medicine and Nursing Assessment- Australia.


  • A rubric has been provided for you to use which is also available in the drop box.
  • Adhere to standard academic writing and paragraphs, if you are not sure what is meant by this please refer
  • Headings are acceptable but, avoid use avoid the use of bullet points.
  • Use 11 or 12pt font either calibri or arial ONLY. Use 1.5 or 2.0 line spacing. Ensure you have page numbers.
  • Include a title page pro your assignment and include the following: unit code, title of your assignment, your name, student ID, and your workshop facilitator’s name.
  • Reference list at end of document using APA style 7th ed, with at least 9-10 references used including research articles no older than 10 years (reference does not contribute to word count).
  • Use third person (no I or me) in academic writing and write as if this is something you intend to do (i.e.: This health promotion project aims to….)
  • Plagiarism at this stage of your study is unacceptable and will be taking seriously.

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