LAWS2021 International Business Law Essay-Australia.

Assignment Question:
This anonymous blog was written late 2018:
“The latest news from The USA is the closure of GM, resulting in massive job losses. Even after all the subsidies and tariff protections afforded to them by the current US administration, American car manufacturers still can’t make cars for a competitive price. Protectionist tariffs have just made the raw materials sourced overseas more expensive.So,America’s competitors now make cheaper cars than the USA. Protectionist policies have actually assisted in the destruction of US auto industry and made American cars
un competitive. It didn’t take that long to happen either. More industries will follow.
LAWS2021 International Business Law Essay-Australia.

LAWS2021 International Business Law Essay-Australia.

America has been seriously disadvantaged in world markets.”

Discuss the accuracy of this blog in relation to World Trade and International Business Law,and the doctrine of Comparative Advantage.

1.Note that the assignment is worth 40% of your total assessment mark.
2.Stick to the word limit of 2,000 words, plus or minus 10%. Check the word count (Under”Review” in word) and when you do make sure that the box at the bottom which includes footnotes or end notes is NOT ticked or you will muck up your word count.
3.NOTE that you will have to read ahead and do some research.
3.Note that you need to submit by Monday 26th April 2021 no later than 11 pm (NSW Time).
4.Submit only in electronic format through “Assignment submission”. Check the Similarity Index of Turnitin and that you have references correctly so that there are no problems there.

The marker will examine whether you have:
a. identified and clearly stated the relevant issues;
b. stated relevant legal principles;
c. critically analysed applicable law;
d. integrated and evaluated relevant knowledge from both the material covered in this unit and your own independent research;
e. developed and sustained a concise and convincing argument through to a logical conclusion;
f. correctly referenced and acknowledged sources;
g. used fluent, clear, concise writing, not containing poor expression, grammar or spelling;
h. answered the specific question/s asked.

LAWS2021 International Business Law Essay-Australia.

LAWS2021 International Business Law Essay-Australia.

It is important to understand that while this assignment may be rich in potential topical discussion, it is still an academic essay. Students should stay away from the “editorial”expressing personal views and stick to the facts. The blog presented in the question is, in fact, a good example of the type of writing that needs to be countered by your sensible, rational and evidence-based argument. You are free to agree or disagree with the blogger,but it must be done in a cogent and reasoned manner, based on the best evidence you can find to support your argument.

Well written and well-argued points will be well received. Un referenced bias, personal opinions and unsubstantiated political diatribes will not.

The point of this assignment is to promote critical thinking about the former US Administration and it’s impact on world trade and international business law in the lead up to the 2020 election. As a result, there should be an almost endless supply of editorial and/or other opinionated dialogue online for you to access. It will be very tempting indeed for you to get bogged down in identity politics and matters of editorialised opinion dressed as fact. Please try and stick to critical analysis based on actual facts.

It will also be very tempting to make personal, opinionated, politically motivated comments pertaining to the former US President. This temptation has been placed before you as it is very easy to criticise the former POTUS, indeed many do. You will have no trouble finding
examples of editorials both praising and criticising the former US administration.Remember, this is a course in International Business LAW, not journalism or creative writing. Stick to the facts, they are much more powerful than any opinion. Appropriate citations of factual, peer reviewed material is essential to make your point. You may however use news reports and relate them to the course material you have been studying
thus far, using citations to interpret the evidence.

I hope you enjoy the journey, and don’t get lost in the fog!

Based on your work, one of the following grades will apply:
HIGH DISTINCTION: Fulfils all the criteria, as well as being particularly well researched and demonstrates a very high degree of originality and/or innovation in its treatment of the issues, a high order of critical and argumentative skills, and also a highly developed ability to write clearly, creatively and concisely.

LAWS2021 International Business Law Essay-Australia.

LAWS2021 International Business Law Essay-Australia.

DISTINCTION:Fulfils all the above criteria, but also shows that the work is well researched and demonstrates a high degree of originality and/or innovation in its treatment of the issues, a high order of critical and argumentative skills, and also a developed ability to write clearly, creatively and concisely.

CREDIT: In addition to satisfying the requirements for a PASS, students have demonstrated fluency of expression and well-structured arguments, demonstrated reading beyond the core materials and some analytical and critical argument.

PASS: Students have demonstrated a basic knowledge and reading of core materials only, some perfunctory arguments. Their work reflects an awareness of gender and cross-cultural issues (where appropriate). They demonstrate average writing skills.

FAIL: Disorganised, poorly argued, lacking in evidence and detail, overly descriptive.Demonstrates a failure to read or understand the core materials, evidence of a lack of research.

Remember that the assignment should be 2,000 words in length, plus or minus 10%. The bibliography and brief footnotes are not included in the word count.

You must place the word count on the cover sheet of your assignment.

NOTE: Assignments must be uploaded into Turnitin portal on the International Business Law My SCU Blackboard site and will be marked electronically. You do not need to send in a hard copy but you must save your electronic copy.

To find information for the assignment you will need to do some research (apart from reading what August has to say in Chapter 7 in particular, do a few google searches But what you should be doing includes considering:

  • where did Trump and the US Administration seem to be heading, ie, back to protectionism and if so where does that leave the WTO?
  • what is the role of the WTO and what powers do you think it has? (Read Topic 7)
  • does the WTO make or influence international business law?
  • if the WTO makes or influences IBL, how and in what way?
  • does the direction the US now seems to be going inevitably lead to a head on collision with the WTO and its policies?
  • Also have a look at You Tube and what both Trump and the current US Administration have been saying and what the WTO position is.
  • Remember that Trump has said the former administration would attempt to stop US manufacturers going off-shore and for those that do, imposing penalties on them by way of higher tariffs. There are political and economic ramifications here but are there also legal ones?

When you write up the paper remember a lot of the material is past. Also remember that what you are doing is looking at the effect or impact of Trump and his Administration may have had on the WTO and on IBL, but in a legal context. So you need to refer to areas of international business law that you believe will be impacted on by the direction Trump and the US was going and where did that leave the WTO and the rest of the world? What
impact might that have on treaties and conventions that states have currently agreed to, if any?

You may also wish to add a crystal-ball type look into the future and the current Biden administration’s approach to the WTO. Is there in fact an approach or has it been forgotten? The effect of the recent US Election on World Trade and the WTO would make an excellent final paragraph!

LAWS2021 International Business Law Essay-Australia.

LAWS2021 International Business Law Essay-Australia.

In this assignment, just note that there is no right or wrong answer. What is important is that you recognise that there appears to be change taking place in international trade, that it can effect the way go about international business and that it will impact on international business law. But explain how you think it will effect IB and why and support your position with facts.

And most of all, have fun researching and writing this assignment!

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