LAW S803 International Law Assignment-MACQUARIE LAW SCHOOL AUSTRALIA

Introductory Note

The assignment will be marked out of 100 and is worth 25% of the final mark for the unit.

Assignment No 1 is a research paper. The research paper must be a properly referenced formal response with appropriate analysis and argument supported by relevant authoritative cases and commentary.

Assignment No 1 must be typed and must be kept to a maximum 2,500 words (including footnotes, but not the bibliography).

The word limit will be strictly applied and work above the word limit will not be marked.

In completed Assignment No 1, students must comply with the Australian Guide to Legal Citation, compiled by the Melbourne University Law Review. The Guide is available is freely available online.

If, for justifiable reasons, a student is unable to submit Assignment No 1 on time, he or she may submit an application for special consideration in accordance with the University’s Special Consideration Policy. If special consideration is granted, the student may be given a different research question to be completed at a time determined by the unit convenor.

Applications for special consideration are made electronically via and should accompanied by supporting documentation. Students should refer to the Special Consideration Policy for complete details and a description of the supporting documentation that is required.

Any Assignment that is submitted after the due date and time without an approved special consideration application will attract a 2% per day penalty. Any Assignment that is submitted beyond 7 days of the due date and time will not be graded and will receive a zero mark.

Submission of Assignments : LAW S803 International Law Assignment

Assignment No 1 must be submitted electronically through Turnitin.

Plagiarism software is used in this unit.

Assessment Criteria for Assignment No 1

In marking the assignment students will be assessed in relation to the following criteria:

Critical evaluation of the research question (75%)

Has the student identified the strengths and weaknesses of the different arguments presented?

What is the level of reflection did the student engage in?

Has the student provided the critical analysis throughout the discussion (a more sophisticated approach), or just tacked on a paragraph of ‘I think’ at the end?

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Marking Guide

Fail: Uncritical thought and no analysis

Pass: Reflective and critical thought with some analysis

Credit: Independent, critical and careful analysis

Distinction: Independent, critical and thorough analysis

High Distinction: Original, independent, critical and rigorous analysis

Level of research (15%)

Has the student used materials beyond prescribed texts and materials?

Has the student referred to literature (both cases and secondary) reflective of different views on the issues raised?

Marking Guide

Fail: Inappropriate/irrelevant materials used content

Pass: Limited breadth of research beyond prescribed texts and materials

Credit: Sound range of reference materials

Distinction: Excellent range of research materials

High Distinction: Comprehensive range of relevant literature

Presentation of argument & clarity of expression (10%)

Is the argument well structured and written?

Have headings been used appropriately?

Does the argument proceed logically from one point to the next?

Has the student been appropriately concise?

Has the student adhered to the word limit?

Marking Guide

Fail: Poor structure, organisation and expression

Pass: Satisfactory structure, organisation and expression

Credit: Sound structure, organisation and expression

Distinction: Well structured, organised and expressed throughout

High Distinction: Sophisticated, strong and very clear structure, organisation and expression throughout

Assignment No 1 Question

Critically evaluate arguments for and against abolishing the postal acceptance rule.

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