KHA112 Psychology B Assignment-University of Tasmania, Australia

Instruction: This is an individual assignment.

KHA112 PsychologyAssignment

KHA112 Psychology B

Assignment Topic: Relationship between the HEXACO personality factors and stress

Task: Write an APA formatted research report on the data collected during your first module of the unit. This report is expected to include a title page, Abstract, Introduction, Method, Results, Discussion and reference list. This assignment is intended to assess your capacity to write an appropriately formatted research report and build your research methods skills. Although an understanding of the included constructs (e.g., personality) is needed, this is a secondary consideration and you will not require an overly sophisticated knowledge of concepts not covered in this course. Extra details around the expectations for this assessment and the results for the research will be provided.

When submitting your assignment, you must name the file you upload in the following manner: KHA112Ass2XXXXXX.docx
[Replace XXXXXX with your student number: check that you have it correctly entered]

Notes: KHA112 Psychology B Assignment-University of Tasmania, Australia

  • Files that are not labeled correctly will not be counted as submitted.
  • The drop box is set up to save a single file and overwrite when a new file is submitted.
  • You can submit multiple versions of your assignment up until the due time and only the last version will be saved.
  • The last submitted version is the one that will be marked.
  • You need to merge your title page, references and any appendices into a single file.

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