ITEC832 Application Integration assignment-Macquarie University.

Instruction to students: This is not an individual piece of work.

TASK: ITEC832 Application Integration assignment-Macquarie University.

ITEC832 Application Integration

Group Structure

  • The group assignment counts towards 20% of the final score. 10% from the Report and 10% from the Individual Major Project Presentation.
  •  Each group will need to organise to complete all the tasks.  Groups will consist of 4 students depending on the class size. This will be discussed in class by Week 4. The Minor Project presentations start in Week 5, so groups need to organise early in the semester.
  •  Each student needs to do at least one presentation, to be marked individually. If one or more students do both the Minor Group Presentation and the Final Report Presentation, then they will receive the better mark as their final mark.
  •  So, the deliverables are:
    o Minor Project Presentation
    o One or more components of the Report Presentation, such that all
    FOUR components (excluding the Exec Summary) are presented
    o The Final Report
    It is up to you how you organise the work amongst group members.

ITEC832_Application Integration

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Group Minor Projects “PBS Online”
Each group will be allocated one of the topics below. The team members are to prepare and present their research findings (through desk research and/or interview) to the class in a 15 minute PowerPoint presentation (hard copy for the lecturer). 10 minutes will be allowed for class discussion.

The aim of these minor projects is to fully elucidate the context and content of a leading Medicare Australia initiative to link with retail pharmacies in real time to confirm the eligibility of PBS (Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme) claims and process these claims more efficiently.

Although the Major Project Presentation provides the individual presentation marks (with a maximum contribution of 10% to the final score), if this minor project presentation is unsatisfactory, all team members will suffer a 5% penalty, meaning that the maximum contribution score they can obtain for their Major Presentation is 5%.

A soft copy of your group’s presentation will be posted by the lecturer on the
class iLearn website.


  1. By interviewing the pharmacists in a number of retail pharmacies (3 to 5), determine the procedure for processing PBS claims with PBS Online. What is the rationale for the system? How do pharmacists feel about the technology? What are the key benefits?
  2.  Identify the key stakeholder groups and map the benefits and disadvantages of the new system. Do you think that the new system’s processes or functionality could be further improved? Is there any group which is disadvantaged and should be further compensated?
  3.  What is the PBS Online Client Adaptor? How does it work? What is the Logic Pack? How does the system handle security, including digital certificates, and reliability? Is it fault tolerant? What happens when a claim is rejected, but the network is down?
  4.  As a retail pharmacist, how does PBS online work? Use the PCA NU Systems (WiniFred) training material to demonstrate the added functionality to this leading dispensing software system developed to accommodate PBS Online.
  5.  The e-scripts initiative is currently underway. Have a look at: and . Why is the government prepared to subsidise this program? Produce a map of stakeholders and identify the benefits. What are the potential limitations? What is the difference between eRX and Medisecure?
  6.  HICAPS ( has been operating for some years. Explain the functionality and provide an architecture diagram describing the systems that are integrated. Are there any weaknesses? Can the system be improved?

Group Assignment

You are to produce a formal Process Re engineering Report with the following
suggested outline:


Deliverables required are:

  •  PDF Final Report, identifying component contributions
  •  PowerPoint Minor Group Presentation in the Class Wiki Tool
  •  PowerPoint Group Project Presentation


  • In Week 1 we discussed Lean Business Process Reengineering, and then learnt that BPM and SOA enable both Lean and Six Sigma.
  •  The fastest growing application area is in cloud based SaaS solutions. However, contemporary SaaS solutions need to be integrated somehow with backend on premise systems.
  •  The following list and associated case studies in the Assignment 3 Folder, represent successful deployment of SaaS solutions that have delivered clear business benefits by improving processes. (If processes did not change, then how could the benefits be delivered?)
  •  Your job is do some reverse engineering. At the high level, what were the pain points with the As Is Process?
  •  Then, the solution is deployed and the organization has new To Be Processes. Something has changed. What? How are the business benefits delivered? Why are the new To Be Processes better? You are to demonstrate the improvements through BPMN diagrams. Keep them high level and simple.
  •  Then we need to consider how the cloud SaaS was integrated with the on premise systems. You can make assumptions here as the case studies do not reveal this level of detail.
  •  What were the metrics? How was the ROI calculated? Most case studies are very explicit on this one. You can see how the customer quantifies business value, otherwise, the technology investment cannot be justified.
  •  Leading SaaS solutions and major enterprises have been chosen for the 12 case studies below.
  •  If you have an intimate knowledge of a similar case study with a SaaS implementation, or you find a case study in the vendor literature that appeals to you, you can propose it to the lecturer for approval.

Each syndicate will be required to present their major findings and recommendations to  he class with a PowerPoint presentation. The class will represent a committee of senior executives. Each presentation will be a maximum of 20 minutes duration and 10 minutes allowed for discussion. Try to avoid including highly detailed tables and diagrams from your report. Try to tailor your presentation to cover the key points. (Assume that there are both business and technology stakeholders in the audience.)
Do not specifically present the Executive Summary!

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Marking Criteria for Presentation
The presentation will count towards the 5% of final mark and will be marked out
of 100 according to the following criteria:


If a student misses the presentation, with the approval of the lecturer, then their 5% contribution will be calculated from the Group Report Mark. Another student can be appointed to present on behalf of the missing student, with the lecturer’s approval.

Marking Criteria for Report: ITEC832 Application Integration assignment-Macquarie University.

Marks will be deducted for excessively long reports. Use 12 point type for readability. As a guideline, 15 pages plus supporting tables, appendices etc is envisaged. All team members will be able to access my comments and marks. I will use the iLearn Forum to advise you when I have marked all the assignments. I will send a copy of the Mark Sheet to each group member. Only one group member needs to submit all the deliverables.

Contribution to Final Grade:
Individual Presentation 10%
Report 10%

The following criteria will be used to assess the 10% contribution from the report:


Peer Review Forms

  • I would like to see a confidential Peer Review Form completed by EACH student, and submitted on the same night as the Report. (In the event of an absence, you can  mail it to me.)
  •  IF all members (minus one) of a group single out an individual with a low rating, that individual will suffer a 20% penalty… e.g. if the report/presentation scores 60%, this team member will get 40% and fail a compulsory component of the course.
  •  IF two or more members of a group assess an individual with a low rating, that individual will suffer a 10% penalty.
  •  There is a final, EMERGENCY PROCEDURE. If a team member feels he or she does not want to be part of their group, or vice versa, then I can provide for this individual to do the entire Report as an individual assignment.
  •  In other words, try to reach consensus within your groups. Do not be TOO opinionated, be cognizant of the views of your colleagues… and above all, do your fair share of the work.
  •  We have group work as it simulates the real world team environment and it allows for learning from your colleagues to give you a richer academic experience. We ask that you act professionally and courteously.

ITEC832 Peer Evaluation Form

Use this form to rate the members of your assignment group. Your rating is meant to reflect the overall contribution of the person to your group’s work. The BEST is 10 and the WORST is 1. Each member of the group must complete a rating form.

What you write on this form will remain confidential, you can use an envelope.

ITEC832__Applicatio__ Integration

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