ITC548 System Analysis Assignment-Charles Sturt University Australia.

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Length: 1500
Group Assessment: No
Submission method options: Alternative submission method
TASK Background
Case Study:
 Upgrading Australian Assorted Bakery System
Australian Assorted Bakery (AAB) is a family-owned business that makes delicious and fresh bakery items and operates across all states of Australia. The company is looking to upgrade its current record keeping and management system and you are hired as a system design specialist to upgrade the existing system.
ITC548 System Analysis Assignment-Charles Sturt University Australia.

ITC548 System Analysis Assignment-Charles Sturt University Australia.

AAB Operating Model:
The company uses an existing record keeping and management system that performs various functions such as keeping record of financial transactions, store manager responsibilities and activities, point-of-sale (PoS), report generation, human resource management, marketing activities, inventory record and purchase orders. Some of the key components of AAB business and operating model are:

1.Main ingredients: Company purchases a variety of ingredients (some examples are flour, sugar, chocolate, thicken cream, various essences and flavors, cheese, pulps and fillings, cleaning accessories, packaging, etc.) from different suppliers to make various bakery products.

2.Fruits and vegetables: Other products like fruits and vegetables are purchased from a local grocery wholesalers.

3.Customers’ base: Company sells its prepackaged bakery products to a variety of customers through various outlets including restaurants, supermarkets, hospitals, café, and to other companies.

4.Pricing: To ensure a reasonable profitability, the AAB products are priced based on the estimated material cost that is used to produce bakery items. Due to the volatility in price of products, AAB updates the price of its products regularly.

AAB Management Concerns:
AAB management has the following concerns about their existing system.

1.Current system has limited functions to record company’s purchases and orders.
2.Any employee can add, delete, or edit system entry which is a potential security risk.
3.On arrival of new ingredients, authorized employees must record the type,temperature, total weight, and cost of the ingredients as a new system entry. Currently spreadsheets are used to keep track of inventory totals.
4.Wholesale and retail prices are manually calculated and entered into the POS software. Inventory is pulled out of stock on a first in, first out basis.
5.Sometimes employees make clerical mistakes or forget to record transactions, when the inventory holds a particular type of items that has been purchased at different times and costs, it is difficult to determine the correct cost bases.
6.Some items have expiry dates approaching while not getting sold because food preparers are taking out stock in the wrong order.
7.Sales prices are being manually calculated, which is risky, prune to errors and takes a lot of time.

ITC548 System Analysis Assignment-Charles Sturt University Australia.

ITC548 System Analysis Assignment-Charles Sturt University Australia.

Challenges and Issues:
AAB’s management feels that the existing record keeping and management system is facing number of challenges to handle highly dynamic procedures and practices used at AAB’s outlets. The management thinks this is a big hurdle in increasing the company’s efficiency, lowering the cost and improving the profitability.

You are working as a system analyst in Innovative IT Solutions and are given the tasks to first analyse the AAB’s existing system, identify the bottlenecks in the existing system apart from the ones already mentioned in AAB’s management concerns and make solid recommendations to AAB’s management for the improvement of their existing system. Your
recommendations should be practical and implementable that can solve AAB’s management concerns. You are also required to provide a plan for securing the company’s system, data backups and life cycle of this new system.

Deliverables: You will complete the three main tasks including understanding the problem (assessment item 1), requirements gathering (assessment item 2), and systems design and deployment (assessment item 3) as part of this project.

Assessment Item 1 Tasks
You are a systems analyst that is part of a project that is currently being proposed. Your task is to investigate the scope of Australian Assorted Bakery System of the given case study and you are required to develop a System Vision Document which includes problem description, system capabilities, business benefits, stakeholder map, and broad feasibility of the project (including possible risks).

Specific analysis techniques have not been taught yet, so this assignment does not require technical descriptions.

ITC548 System Analysis Assignment-Charles Sturt University Australia.

ITC548 System Analysis Assignment-Charles Sturt University Australia.

This assessment task will assess the following learning outcome/s:
• be able to describe the context of an information system.
• be able to compare and contrast the different methodologies of systems analysis and evaluate their appropriateness for different and complex situations.

Your answer should be a report approximately 2000 words, title page, references, and figures (stakeholder map) are not part of the word count. You should use your own words and you can not use quotations.

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