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In Australia, La Trobe University is one of the excellent universities that provide various types of study programs for graduation or post-graduation. A dissertation, research papers, essay writing, case studies, and many more assignments students go through at La Trobe University. For the last decades, while providing nursing assignment help in Australia, our professionals have observed that the severe inequalities in health among indigenous individuals have been especially questioned. 

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  • Factors of health in Indigenous People of Australia
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You must have sufficient information about the health inequities experienced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders to be good in your nursing essay assignment tasks. While writing such essays, the closing the gap framework, various methods and solutions for indigenous people in Australia, and other elements, are vital considerations. Additionally, you need to follow the rules and directives that the university has provided. Let us look at the information provided by professionals by our indigenous studies assignment help.

Factors of health in Indigenous People of Australia

Improving Indigenous Australians’ health has always been difficult for Australian administrations. The difference in health between indigenous and non-indigenous people is still unacceptable. Some advances were accomplished in the early 1970s, such as lowering the high newborn death rates, but because they failed, the number of advancements was smaller and uncertain. In addition, it has been discovered that the age difference between Torres Strait Islander and Non-Indigenous peoples has not changed.

According to an Indigenous Studies Assignment Help expert, the decline in the well-being of indigenous people is brought on by a lack of access to primary healthcare and adequate housing, food, and sanitary facilities. These issues have been categorized as economic, social, and political health determinants.

Social factors of health average gross weekly income for Australians of indigenous descent was $364, and for non-Indigenous people, $585, according to the 2010 National Census. Additionally, the employment rate for locals was three times higher than that of non-citizens. Illiteracy and insufficient education are the biggest obstacles to receiving medical care and access to accurate health information.

Control and chronic stress are related, as per the National Aboriginal Health Strategy (1989), which describes indigenous people as saying that their physical environment—which includes justice, dignity, and the community—is directly related to their health. It has nothing to do with medical facilities, treatments, doctors, disabilities, or illnesses. The indigenous Australians’ experiences are listed below.

Indigenous Australian populations experience severe levels of extreme stress, particularly substance abuse and high-risk behaviour for health. In 2012, one out of every six Native Americans who were 15 years of age or older reported smoking every day, and one in six said drinking alcohol. Indigenous people have typically hospitalized due to behavioural or mental illnesses, and the high rate of mental stress is also a sign of chronic stress.


Anatomy is a branch of science that focuses on the organizational design of living things, including plants, animals, and humans. Since various significant human discoveries on earth have been made, the appropriate science field has existed. Such tests can cause anxiety and discomfort in students, which is why Assignment Help Firm has the ideal life sciences assignment services for any student. Intentional injury to oneself or others while unwell or in mental distress is also included. According to the National Aboriginal Health Strategy, indigenous males and females were hospitalized for intentional self-harm 7 and 31 times, respectively, compared to the general population during the 2013–14 year.

Political Impacts

Since the colonization of Australia, the State, National, and other governmental bodies have made several choices and implemented policies that significantly affect the health and well-being of the people. The Australian government has never considered the social determinants of Indigenous health. It wouldn’t be erroneous to say that bad policies and behaviours contribute to the disparity in health between non-Indigenous people and Torres and Aboriginal Strait Islander people, according to experts providing online indigenous studies assignment help. Such measures could be viewed as a political failure to provide the indigenous community with good health and well-being. The political factors that affect health have a significant impact on indigenous women. The state, federal, and territorial governments continue to enforce various laws.

As per Welfare Data 2016, the total death rate for Indigenous people in the Rural Territories was 2.3% on average for non-Indigenous individuals. Additionally, among Torres and Aboriginal Strait Islander people of 15, studies showed that 50% are employed.

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