Indigenous Cultural Safety And Community Involvement Assignment – Australia

Unit Title :- Indigenous Cultural Safety And Community Involvement 
Assessment Type :- Assignment
Value :- 50%
Length :- 2000 words
TASK :- There are two (2) components for this assessment task, which you must complete. A critical essay from your readings and a diagram and explanation about cultural safety in an early childhood setting that reflects the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF). The diagram in module 1 Aspects of Aboriginal Education will give you ideas but you are not to cite this diagram you may use key words to help you search for academic sources about the points included.
Indigenous Cultural Safety And Community Involvement Assignment – Australia

Indigenous Cultural Safety And Community Involvement Assignment - Australia

PART A: Short Essay :-

You will write a short essay with no subheadings in which you examine how and why cultural safety is important for Indigenous children and their families in an early childhood setting. Be sure to utilise resources and learning activities from learning modules 1, 2 and 3. You must cite and reference the prescribed text and other references from your own research. This essay demonstrates your ability to under stand this concept and academic evidence of your reading is essential.

Use the following points to guide you through the process:

• Define your understanding of cultural safety in your own words. Do not quote. Use citations and references to show the readings that have influenced your own definition.
• Explain and analyse the connections between two cultural safety practices strategies in an early childhood setting.
• Explain how cultural safety influence and support Indigenous children.

PART B: Poster and Explanation
You will design a poster which would be on display in an early childhood centre for parents and community members. Your diagram will outline the multiple ways the centre supports cultural safety for Indigenous children and their families. The explanation will explain why each strategy is important in an early childhood setting.

Poster :-
You are to create an A4 size poster in portrait or landscape. The information on your poster should include three (3) different strategies/activities used to create a culturally safe learning environment for your students and their families. Make sure your poster reflects information that is clear for readers with varied reading abilities. Make it bright and attractive so that it attracts visitors who call into your centre.

You may create your poster in any publishing program that you would like to use. Take a screenshot of it and place it in the Word document for submission. Provide in-text citations and a reference list to meet copyright requirements on the poster (Use smaller font). More details will be given in the subject I2 site.

Provide succinct clear and detailed explanations for each chosen strategy on the poster. Your explanation needs to include:

• each strategy/activity from the poster and how they contribute to a cultural safe learning environment for your students and their families.
• each strategy/activity reflects your chosen learning outcomes from the Early Years Learning Framework .

Use resources and learning activities from learning modules 1-3 including the prescribed text and references from your own research. You may include a sub-heading for each strategy in Part B. It is vital that academic sources are used as evidence to support your claims.

This assessment task will assess the following learning outcome/s:
• be able to recognise the importance of community consultation and the participation of Indigenous people in educational environments.
• understand and developed aspects of a culturally safe education environment.
This task reflects the following subject modules
• Module 1 – Indigenous Education;
• Module 2 – Cultural Safety in Early Childhood; and
• Module 3 – Indigenous Education and Policies.

Teachers are faced with the ongoing task of gaining demonstrating and critically reflecting upon knowledge and resources in order to achieve student outcomes. This task will allow the student to explore and articulate the relationships between learners community and early childhood settings.

Indigenous Cultural Safety And Community Involvement Assignment – Australia

Indigenous Cultural Safety And Community Involvement Assignment - Australia

The authenticity of this task will be evident in your future education settings by
• Articulating and visually representing the EYLF in your practice;
• Identifying how your practice can incorporate Aboriginal Education;
• Developing communication strategies between families and communities about your education setting and practice and
• Aligning the needs of the learner with the EYLF outcomes and expectations.

You can provide a screen shot of your poster or insert the poster but ensure it is inserted as an image. DO NOT draw your diagram directly into your word document as it can change position during marking. All components of the task must be submitted in one word document.

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