ICT610 Manage Copyright, Ethics And Privacy In An ICT Environment-Australia Institute of Business & Technology

This is an individual assignment.

Assignment consists of 2 tasks. Both tasks are compulsory.

Assignment: ICT610 Manage Copyright, Ethics And Privacy In An ICT Environment

ICT610 Manage Copyright Ethics And Privacy In An ICT Environment

Learning Outcomes:
1. Create an insight into importance of legal and ethical considerations in developing and utilizing digital material.
2. Describe the skills and knowledge required to manage the issues of copyright and professional and ethical conduct in a team.

1. Submission of this individual assignment will be electronic copy. Upload the electronic copy of this assignment to the course Moodle site on or before the submission date and time.
2. Individual assignment submitted after the due date and time without having received any extension from the trainer and or the Head of Department in extreme circumstances will be penalised.
3. Individual submitting assignments after the due date and time will be ineligible to resubmit a failed assignment.
4. Failure to submit assignments in the required formats may result in no marks being awarded to you.
5. The student-marking schedule on this assignment must be printed, signed and returned to your tutor as soon as possible before any electronic submission

Specific Requirements
1. Please write your answers under each question provided in the answer booklet.
2. If you are using a source, be sure to provide reference.Write your final answer in your own words and always remember to cite the sources of your information in the body of the text and provide a full reference list.
3. Format your citations and references correctly using the Harvard referencing system. Useful resource to learn about Harvard referencing:  http://www.citethisforme.com/harvard-referencing
4. Create and format your answer to each question as required and ensure the document is
professionally presented and well organized. Overall the final report should be formatted
5. Your report must be of a professional standard with no spelling or grammatical errors. Please ensure that your report presentation includes the guidelines as specified in the student-marking schedule on pages 6 to 7 of this assessment booklet.

Part 1: ICT610 Manage Copyright, Ethics And Privacy In An ICT Environment Assignment

Case Study 1:
Max works in a large state department of alcoholism and drug abuse. The agency  administers programs for individuals with alcohol and drug problems, and maintains a huge database of information on the clients who use their services. Some of the data files contain the names and current addresses of clients.

Max has been asked to take a look at the track records of the treatment programs.
He is to put together a report that contains the number of clients seen in each program each month for the past five years, length of each client’s treatment, number of clients who return after completion of a program, criminal histories of clients, and so on. In order to put together this report, Max has been given access to all files in the agency’s mainframe computer.

After assembling the data into a file that includes the clients’ names, he downloads it to the computer in his office. Under pressure to get the report finished by the deadline, Max decides he will have to work at home over the weekend in order to finish on time. He burns the information onto a CD and takes it home. After finishing the report he leaves the CD at home and forgets about it.

Question 1
Review the following URLs and discuss the importance of code of ethics in professional life and  business

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Case Study 2:
A consultant was engaged by a large private sector company to help run a tender process for some new software. The process was that tenderers would be short-listed on functional requirements, there would be a detailed evaluation of the short-listed tenders, and then the evaluation panel would look at the prices tendered.

While preparing the documents for the panel the consultant was required to remove the pricing information from the body of some of the documents. As a result he became aware that several of the vendor’s prices were well above the budget set by the client.

At the end of short-listing the consultant thought his manager should know about this problem so that he could deal with it early, and not waste a lot of time evaluating unaffordable tenders. He decided to make sure he was right by checking the prices of all of the tenders. He then told his manager that he had looked at the prices and the business could not afford any of the short-listed proposals.

The consultant did not tell his manager or anyone else what the prices were. His manager was very angry that he had disobeyed orders and looked at the prices before the time agreed, and he terminated the consultant’s contract without notice. This upset the consultant, because he thought he had done the right thing by his employer.

Fortunately another area of the company offered him a different contract soon afterwards. He told them about the issue with the tenders, and they did not think it was a problem. However, two weeks into the new contract his manager went to HR, accused the consultant of professional misconduct and had his new contract terminated without notice.

The consultant’s agency will not take this issue up with the company because the manager has threatened the agency's other contractors if they did.

Question 2
a. What are the ethical IT practice issues in this case?
b. Develop a policy to address the problem reflected in this case.

Case study 3:
A reseller sells ‘additional user’ software licences to a client for a project, but installation will be delayed for some months, so third-party software licences are not acquired from the supplier immediately. When the software is eventually ‘supplied’ to the end-user client, no CDs or licence keys are required.

At a subsequent date it is ‘rediscovered’that the additional licences were never purchased from the supplier, and moves are made to acquire these. The Manager stops the Purchase Order being raised, wanting assurances that the licences were not purchased. Documentation is produced to show that licences were sold, these licences were never purchased from the supplier, and that the client has the additional licences.

The Manager claims to ‘want to confirm other paperwork and negotiate a price with the supplier’ but there is doubt that this is a genuine response. Perhaps there is no intention to purchase the licences from the supplier in the hope that the situation is not discovered. After a week, the paperwork seems to be back in the file to be forgotten again.

Question 3
a. Do you think the company has been fair?
b. What advice would you give to the consultant?

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Case Study 4:
A client acquires ‘additional user’ software licences from a distributor under a special licence agreement that varies from the normal end-user licence agreement. This variation allows the same licence keys to be reused on multiple installations.

The Distributor warrants that it is authorised to make these variations to the licence agreement. The details of the arrangement with the supplier that authorised this are not available, but when it has been discussed, “it’s all confidential” is the stock answer.
The client is invoiced for the additional licences, but in one case a note on the file and another verbal advice to staff by the Manager says ‘do not order on supplier’. It is possible but unlikely that the arrangement with the supplier allows the distributor to make unlimited sales to its clients without further payment to the supplier.

Subsequent to this, the supplier makes a change to introduce an ‘unlimited user’ licence for the latest version that, if purchased, and the client were to upgrade to it, would regularise the transaction.

Question 4
a. What is the ethical issue here?
b. What would be a policy to address such behaviour in organisation?
c. Consider the litigation risk from supplier.

Case Study 5:
A distributor, that may or may not have a current and valid reseller agreement, uses ‘demo’ or ‘not for resale’ software in its day-to-day operations.

Question 5
Would such a changed event and/or the passage of time be sufficient to regularise the transaction?

Case Study 6:
An end user, in a system failure and recovery situation, allows the operating system and firewall software licensed to another company, to be installed to ‘get the system back up’ It is not clear if there is intention to subsequently license the software, or if it will become an ‘administrative oversight’.

Question 6
a.  Is it ethical?
b. Give reasons in support of your argument.

Case Study 7:
An end user licenses utility software from a small supplier by internet download, and  receives a licence key for one user.

The licence agreement provides: This copy of xxxxxxxx may either be used by a single person who uses the software personally on one or more computers, or installed on a single workstation used non- simultaneously by multiple people, but not both.This is not a concurrent user licence.

The use of this software becomes part of the company’s standard procedures and all staff needs a copy on their PCs. The one licence key is published and shared by all employees.

Question 7
a. What is a reasonable time to regularise such use?
b. Would the use then become software piracy after that time?

Part 2: ICT610 Manage Copyright, Ethics And Privacy In An ICT Environment Assignments-Australia Institute of Business & Technology

Develop an outline of code of ethics for IT practices for an organization you have joined as an IT support manager. The organisation have/uses the following :
 25 employees
 IT infrastructure comprising hardware and software.
 Cloud solutions like Office 365.
 Microsoft Windows based desktops
 Windows 2010 based servers.
 A number of software for ERP, Accounting and HR.

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