HSNS361 Musculoskeletal Case Study University of new england Australia Assignment

Weight: 40%

Must Complete: Yes

Word Length: 2000 words

Notes: Written assessment

This assessment relates to:
Learning Outcomes 1-5

Each Question is weighted equally.

Assessment : HSNS361 Musculoskeletal Case Study

Harriet Potter (Medical Record Number MRN568923) is an 8 year old girl with a current medical history of osteogenesis imperfecta. She has presented to the emergency department following a a simple fall at school with a query fracture to her left femoral shaft. Her mother Jeannie is in attendance and has assisted in completing the admission notes as below.

Observation RR 30/min,mild resp distress,HR 130/min,BP 120/70,Temp 36.5 weight 32 kg

From the information you have read above regarding Harriett, answer the following critical thinking questions.

  1. Critically discuss the mechanism of injury of falls in a younger patient. In your answer explain how it is possible that Harriet sustained a fractured femoral shaft, a fracture requiring significant force, despite the mechanism being a simple fall. Identify the significance of observing for limb length disparity and external rotation that is documented in the nursing progress notes?
  2. Identify the medications, both routine and those prescribed for this admission, and discuss their pharmacology. Explain their indication for use in this patient.
  3. Based on the assessment data discuss the immediate nursing priorities for this patient (i.e. within the ED).
  4. Critically analyse the ongoing holistic nursing care for this patient linking to both the acute and chronic diagnoses and possible post-operative complications for this patient.

marking criteria for the assignment but I am only expecting 60 -75 % mark

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