HLTH510 Mental State Examination Assignment-New England University Australia.

Weight: 45%
Must Complete: Yes
Word Length: 2500 words Notes: Written assignment – this assignment requires students to complete the following tasks to write this assignment.
HLTH510 Mental State Examination Assignment-New England University Australia.

HLTH510 Mental State Examination Assignment-New England University Australia.

How is this assessment connected to the learning outcomes?
2.demonstrate the application of knowledge and skills to undertake a mental health assessment and employ common mental health assessment tools within a recovery framework;
4. critically appraise theory and evidence-based practice to demonstrate understanding of the impact of mental health and illness health and the psychosocial dimensions of the illness experience, and the effects on the family and significant others.

1.Select one of the following movies to base your written assignment on:
a) “A Beautiful Mind”
b) “American Beauty”
c) “The Kings Speech”
2.Select one character in the movie you chose to complete a Mental State Examination(MSE) based on the DSM-5 criteria and a Formulation.

For this assignment you are required to write an essay about a character in a movie selected from the list above. Your assignment must include the key criteria of a Mental State Examination (MSE), a Formulation (or plan) and you need to apply the DSM-5 criteria in your assessment. Further details about the presentation of this written assessment will be provided in a recorded session and Power Point presentation.

You must use the APA referencing system. Follow the link at the top right of the page for information and examples of APA referencing.

In-text referencing
Every statement of fact in an essay must be supported by an in-text reference. Omitting in-text references is a form of “intellectual theft” and will not be tolerated. As a general rule in an empirical essay every paragraph should have at least one in-text reference.

Page numbers are not required for in-text references unless providing a direct quote. For example: Communication is important to client safety (Higgs, 2012). “Communication is important to client safety” (Higgs, 2012, p.28).

Please use the APA referencing guide for referencing and quoting from a film. A copy of the APA style guide can be found in the Moodle Resources section of this course.

Marking criteria
Download the HLTH310 Assignment 1 use the marking criteria as a guide when preparing your assignment.

Where do I submit my assignment?
You must upload your file into Moodle. Do not email your assignment to the coordinator or anyone else without permission.

You will find an “add submission” button on the bottom of this page.

Click the “add submission” button and upload your file by following the instructions provided by Moodle. This will include completing a declaration of academic honesty for this assignment.

Make sure you upload your file before the cut off date.

What do I need to upload into Moodle?
You need to upload your completed assignment as a Word file into Moodle. The Word file should contain the following elements:

  • A title page containing: your student number, name, unit code, name of assignment and due date for assignment.
  • Completed essay with pages numbered.
  • Full reference list on a separate page.

Correct labelling of files before upload into Moodle Before uploading your file make sure you have labelled it correctly. Label your file according to the following format:

HLTH510 Mental State Examination Assignment-New England University Australia.

HLTH510 Mental State Examination Assignment-New England University Australia.

Surname – Unit code – Assignment 3.doc

The files you upload into Moodle MUST be in word *.doc or *.docx format. Do not attempt to submit your assignment in any other file format because it will not upload properly into Moodle.

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