HEA541 Nursing Assignment-Australia.

Unit Code&Title: HEA541 Nursing
Assessment Task 1: Report
Word count; 2500 words +/- 10%
APA 7 TH referencing
Peer reviewed article from 2016- 2021

Relevance: As advanced healthcare practitioners we are often called upon to present clearly organised Information and/or data about a situation or problem under investigation. Reports aim to inform and even persuade our audiences positively around a topic, problem or situation. This task will allow you to develop an academic report around a topic of cultural significance to your own practice.
HEA541 Nursing Assignment-Australia.

HEA541 Nursing Assignment-Australia.

Task: Students are to develop an academic written report to address a topic of cultural significance in relation to their own practice or discipline. This academic report will present facts as described in the literature, define and analyse the issue at hand, then feature recommendations or conclusions.

Topics is about Multiculturalism

1.Select a topic and create a relevant research question
2.Conduct a literature search to answer this question using databases available through university library. Limits for the search must include: papers published between 2016 – 2021, papers published in English, peer-reviewed articles.
3.Select 5 articles that best fit your topic and question to review for your report
4.Develop your academic report using sections and headings provided in the template given below
5.Please ensure that you read the associated marking rubric to maximise your marks.

College of Nursing and Midwifery – Assessment 2 Information HEA541 2

Sections/Headings Task
Title page The title of the report, your name (and student number), the name of the course and the course code.
Table of contents The Table of Contents should be compiled according to the headings and subheadings of your report. By using the appropriate Heading functions on Microsoft Word, you can easily auto-format your Table
of Contents and create a professional report.

HEA541 Nursing Assignment-Australia.

HEA541 Nursing Assignment-Australia.

Introduction The introduction contextualises your research and highlights its Relevance along with any key terms of reference. It includes Information on the background of the report, its purpose, and the Scope of your research. Describe the structure of your report, Outlining the argument and the points you will develop in the report. Literature review State the aims and objectives of your literature review and the Review question.

Methodology Briefly outline your search strategy with the following information:
• Which keywords did you use to search for the evidence?
• Which databases did you use to search for the evidence?
• Which methods did you use to search for the evidence?

Findings Summarise the findings that arose from your literature search:
• How many relevant articles you found and why you selected the 5 that you did
• Where they were published (country)
• What type of articles they are (eg. Primary research, secondary sources, etc.)
• Which specific discipline they relate to
• What are the main points covered in each paper?

It is here that you critically analyse the findings outlined in previous Sections of your report, to establish the significance of those findings, And develop an argument that supports your upcoming Recommendations sections. Ultimately, the purpose of this section is to interpret the research and determine whether or not it has Provided a sufficient answer to your research question.

Conclusion and Recommendations
The Conclusion of a report reinforces the points raised in the body Sections and ties these together to form an argument. No new ideas or evidence should be raised in this section. It should consolidate Your assessment of your research and demonstrate existing gaps or Problems that will be addressed in the Recommendations section.

HEA541 Nursing Assignment-Australia.

HEA541 Nursing Assignment-Australia.

Describe recommendations in relation to the application of the Evidence to your own practice.References In-text referencing in APA 7th style will be used throughout the Report where relevant and an accurate reference list provided at the end of your report.

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