GSB005 Managing Operational Improvement Assignment

Instruction: This is an individual assignment.

Word length: 3000

Format: Report

GSB005 Managing Operational Improvement

Task: GSB005 Managing Operational Improvement Assignment

This assessment requires students to select three (3) contrasting approaches or methods used for operational improvements such as Lean thinking. For example you might discuss lean practices supported by digitalization.

You will draw upon industry and academic research on types of methods or practices that have been shown to demonstrate organizational or performance improvements. Each method, approach or method will be a maximum of 1,000 in length. Your report must make links between operations strategy and operations improvement theories as demonstrated.

Students are then required to discuss the application of such methods to their respective organizations and work area contexts including change management considerations associated with implementing improvement initiatives.

Assessment Submission Requirements: GSB005 Managing Operational Improvement Assignment

1. Your assessment is to be written in a business format.

2. You are to include a minimum of 3 suitable academic journal articles in your assignment.

3. Your report must not exceed 3,000 words. Your executive summary, table of contents, tables, and reference list are not included in the word count.

4. Appendices and tables may be used to clarify and support your arguments, but should not be used to circumvent the word count limit. Use appendices sparingly.

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