GMBA 6004 Leading & Managing People Assignment-The University of Newcastle Australia

Assessment 3 worth 30%

Based on the information contained in Rising from the ashes: Satyam’s storycase study, your task is to:

Submit your Case Analysis using a Report Format, incorporating the following headings:

Executive Summary, Table of Contents, Key Tasks: Answers to Case Questions, Recommendationsand References

Task : GMBA 6004 Leading & Managing People Assignment

GMBA 6004 Leading & Managing People


  1. What areas would you, as Hari, prioritise for action – strategic, operational or emotional?Provide concrete action steps for each level that you would prioritise.


  1. How does the case emanating from Asia change the way we should approach theleadership and crisis management for Satyam, versus if the case was unfolding in theWest?


  1. What metrics should be used to measure whether the new practices that are put in placewill have the desired effect or not?


  1. What are the skills, roles and responsibilities of an HR manager, and do they differ fromwhat is required in a crisis scenario? How can we better prepare HR managers to take onglobal leadership roles? What prepared Hari to be able to rise to the occasion?


  1. Provide a reflective account of the extent to which the above case study and this course overallhas developed your approach towards leading and managing people.

 Outstanding answers will demonstrate evidence-based responses and your ability to integrate knowledge from the GMBA 6004 LEADING AND MANAGING PEOPLE course as applied to the case.Ensure your answers are well-supported resources such as:1) the case study; 2) key theories and concepts; and 3) Any publically available information to aid your analysis of the issues.

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