ENVM7513 Report Community Participation in Natural Resource Management University of Queensland.

ENVM7513 Assessment 3: Report – Community participation in natural resource management – further information and hints

Please see the Electronic Course Profile for the formal statement of topic, and requirements for this assessment. The information in this document is supplementary.

This document applies to both the Australian and international options on this assignment.

Details and Hints : ENVM7513 Report Community Participation in Natural Resource

ENVM7513 Report Community participation

Style: Font size 11pt minimum, double spaced
Word length 3000-4000 words, excluding references (and any appendices).

This assignment is designed for you to customize the topic, to suit your interests, within the overall focus on community participatory processes in a local organisation working on natural resource management. You will draw on preparation in Assessment 1 to assist you to:

  • Identify how community participation in natural resource management takes place in a case study of a community-based organisation
  • Propose strengths and weaknesses of the community-based approaches currently being used – in your case study and (if you wish) in a wider context
  • Suggest a new or improved strategy for your case organisation, and if you wish the system it operates within, to achieve better participation in natural resource management.

You may choose the extent to which you concentrate on your case study, and/or its links to wider supports. In Australia, this will be support from the regional body for NRM, or in some cases a local government or other organisation (such as South East Queensland’s Brisbane

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Catchments Network). For overseas cases, it may be any national and international supporting networks or systems they may draw on.
Note you may repeat information from Assessment 1: Assessment 1 is intended as the preparation stage for this assignment.

The report should use the following format (unless you need to adapt it to suit a particular topic). Try to cover all these headings as marks are awarded for these:

Title page: Your chosen title and your name as author

Table of contents

Executive summary (1-2 paragraphs)
An executive summary is a short synthesis of each of the critical sections of the report and must be stand alone – that is you can read it and understand in summary, the aim of the study, the scope and methods used, the main findings, and any recommendations, without needing to read the whole report.

Introduction: Background and objectives

Literature review

Review literature on community participation in natural resource management, possibly including more specific topics of immediate relevance to your chosen project focus (e.g. volunteering). For example the literature review could begin broadly with community participation in natural resource management, then perhaps narrow down into one or more bodies of literature that relate well to your case study. (If you are
doing a commissioned topic for an organisation, focus your literature review and results on that). Remember to synthesise the ideas and arguments presented in that literature (i.e. present them idea (or argument) by idea, not article by article.


How you have collected, synthesised and interpreted information for your case study. Is your analysis based on any specific conceptual framework or theory? If so, state this.


Discuss your findings in relation to your literature review wherever you can. (You may choose whether to have separate, or integrated, results and discussion sections).

Drawing on the literature, illustrate how the case study supports or challenges the concepts of community participation already discussed and the literature, and possibly offers new insights.


Reference list – in Harvard Gatton please
Appendices (optional, not counted in word length but please do not over-use these).

If you are uncertain about how to write an executive summary, introduction, methods section or literature review, look closely at some journal articles and government reports as examples.

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