EEB309 Wellness And Well being Essay-Charles Sturt University Australia.

Assessment Task 1 – Mini essay
Value: 10%
Task: 600 words
Please remember the word count is a guide to the required length, however you can be 10% over or under this and still be acceptable. Ensure your essay has an introduction and conclusion as well.
Answer the following question:
What is wellness and wellbeing and why is it important for children and staff in the early childhood context?
EEB309 Wellness And Well being Essay-Charles Sturt University Australia.

EEB309 Wellness And Well being Essay-Charles Sturt University Australia.

This assessment item focuses on Learning Outcome 1: Explain the role and value of the various dimensions of wellness and well-being in relation to children and staff in the early childhood context (Understand)

1.Take note of key words underlined from the learning outcome.
2.You are required to use an academic style of writing and reference at least TWO of your assigned readings using APA 7th edition referencing format. Remember to edit your work.Check paragraph and sentence structure, spelling and punctuation.

1st or 3rd person? This assignment can be written in EITHER 1st or 3rd person. However, there should always be evidence provided for your thinking (e.g. reference to a curriculum or scholarly source), even when you use 1st person.

EEB309 Wellness And Well being Essay-Charles Sturt University Australia.

1st person: In the following essay I will be explaining….
3rd person: In the following essay there is an explanation of…

  • Structure: Your mini essay might be structured like this:

Suggestions for content and word count:

  • Introduction (70-100 words): give an overview of what you will be discussing in the mini essay.
  • Body (400-460 words):
    o Paragraph 1: outline your understanding of the dimensions of wellness and wellbeing from module 2 with regard to the Learning Outcome 1 focus. Make sure you refer to module 2 content (2.1 – 2.4).
    o Paragraph 2: why wellness and wellbeing is important for children.
    Paragraph 3: why wellness and wellbeing is important for staff.
    Note: Link the Early Years Learning Framework [EYLF], the National Quality Framework[NQF] and the National Quality Standards [NQS] documents here.
  • Conclusion (70-100 words):pull together all the points you have discussed, offering a final opinion on the mini essay question that relates to these, e.g. “In summary, I have considered what wellness and wellbeing are and explained why these concepts are significant for both children and staff in the early years, drawing on relevant theoretical
  • perspectives and curriculum documents. Without a robust foundation of wellness and wellbeing in the EY setting, it is clear that both children and staff might be compromised and therefore unable to fulfil their potential as learners and professionals respectively”.
  • Paragraphs:These are a complete idea that you are presenting to the marker. When you change the topic you need a new paragraph. In saying this a paragraph is not a single sentence and it is not a full page. There are a number of acronyms to help you with structuring paragraphs. TEEL is a useful model:

T – stands for topic sentence. The first sentence in the paragraph tells what the paragraph will be about.

E – explain. In the next sentence you will provide an explanation or a definition of the dimension that this paragraph is about (remember to reference your definition).

E – evidence. In this sentence/s you will apply the definition of the dimension to early childhood children and staff.

L – link back to the topic of the essay.

EEB309 Wellness And Well being Essay-Charles Sturt University Australia.

The following dot points are a guide only. You need to ensure that you READ all of the content discussed in the actual assessment task, the rubric, and presentation tips in the Subject Outline. All marking criteria outlined in your rubric need to be addressed in the content of your assessment.

  • Presentation:The assessment response needs to be in essay format, with a clear introduction, body and conclusion. For some helpful guides to writing in essay style, please
  • In-text referencing:This should follow APA 7th ed. format. Reference list – ensure you have a reference list at the end of your assignment and this IS NOT included in your word count. References (in-text, lists) are NOT counted in the word count, nor are direct quotations. Ensure you have correctly referenced in-text as well. If you are unsure how to do this make sure you download a copy of the APA referencing guide. Your reference list should contain all source documents that you refer to, quote or paraphrase from. It must conform to the APA 7th ed.referencing style.
  • Proofreading: Your use of Australian English and correct referencing is awarded marks in the assignment. Proofread your work so that it is free of typos, spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes.
  • Grammar:When reading your work, check your grammar as well. Check your sentence structure and ensure that your spelling is correct. Remember we do not use ‘z’ but rather the letter ‘s’ in many of our words, unlike some other countries such as the USA. Do not always rely on spell check to fix up your errors; this can lead to silly mistakes. PLEASE make sure you are not including run-on sentence, as this seems to be a common issue. In addition, apostrophe usage is often problematic: learn these from this useful you tube clip. Also, do not use contractions such as don’t, can’t won’t etc. – this is formal writing remember. You might find the app Grammarly useful (it’s free!). Other guides for grammar and general academic writing can be found here.
  • Rubric:The marking rubric included on the Subject Outline is what we will use to mark your work. Ensure you read and deconstruct this to make sure that you fully understand the marking criteria and have covered everything outlined in this to gain maximum marks.
  • Writing style:Ensure that what you write has substance. It is a great skill to have to be able to synthesise your readings. This means that you bring together your readings and streamline your comments. Learn to write succinctly. This is something you will practise over time. A great study tip is to have a good draft completed, then check the word count and take away or add in what is appropriate for the particular response. It is important to get your thoughts down first and have a good draft to work on. This has worked well for others and hopefully it will work well for you too.

EEB309 Wellness And Well being Essay-Charles Sturt University Australia.

EEB309 Wellness And Well being Essay-Charles Sturt University Australia.

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  • Direct quotes: you are not expected to include any direct quotes in this mini-response. However, readings, particularly direct quotes, must be incorporated into your essay in a meaningful way. Do not just add in a quote for the sake of adding it. It must be there to support your discussion, add credence to your discussion, or perhaps become an alternate view to your point. Direct quotes really only need to be used if there is no other way to write the information. We want to read your ideas and understandings, not a response that just quotes the words of others!!!

EEB309 Wellness And Well being Essay-Charles Sturt University Australia.

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