DSAA204/ BIT 204 Data Structure And Algorithms Assignment-Kent Institute Australia

Unit Title: Data Structure and Algorithms
Type of Assessment: Task 3- Individual Report
Length/Duration: N/A
Submission Date: To be submitted in week 11
Assessment Task:The assessment is about the design of a system using OOP
Weighting: 20%
Unit Learning Outcomes addressed: a. Evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of data structures and algorithms.
b. Demonstrate reasoning about efficiency of algorithms
c. Assess and apply suitable recursive data structures and algorithms to IT
systems and applications
DSAA204/ BIT 204 Data Structure And Algorithms Assignment-Kent Institute Australia

DSAA204/ BIT 204 Data Structure And Algorithms Assignment-Kent Institute Australia

This assessment is an individual report about the design of an OOP system using data structures and algorithms.

An insurance company intend to computerize their records. The insurance bought by customers can be of two types. A life insurance policy and an educational policy in the name of the children. There are currently
200 customers of the company and company anticipates that the growth in the customers will be no more than 10% in coming 10 years. Out of 200 customers around 150 customers have life insurance and the remaining have education policy. For life insurance policy, the company stores customer’s name, address,contact, age, a record of customer’s health conditions, type of policy, beneficiary and a yearly payment schedule. For education policy, the information to be kept in the system is the name of the customer,address, contact, age, name of the child, and type of the policy.

The company has briefed you that they frequently need to search the customers by their name and type of the policy they have bought. For annual reporting purpose they also need to sort the customers record.
Choose appropriate data structures for two types of the customers mentioned above. Also specify what type of different operations can be applied on the customers records? Use your general understanding of
the insurance company scenarios to specify all operations that a system for insurance company would require. Also, specify what algorithms would be appropriate for each type of the operation?

Now assume that in coming years the company’s performance and marketing policy increased its number of customers. The performance of the old system is no longer satisfactory. Within three years’ time period,
the company grew from 200 customers in total to 4000, out of which 3200 customers are Life insurance policy customers and the remaining being education policy customers. What changes you will bring in the design of the system to make sure the system works efficiently?

DSAA204/ BIT 204 Data Structure And Algorithms Assignment-Kent Institute Australia

DSAA204/ BIT 204 Data Structure And Algorithms Assignment-Kent Institute Australia

You can organize your report as follows:
1.Title Page
2.Executive Summary
5.Case Study and the Design
5.1 Variables, Ranges and Keys
5.2 Operations and the Justification
5.3 Algorithms and the Justification

Tasks to be completed:
a) Specify variables, keys and ranges used for the design of the system
b) Justify your choice of variables keys and ranges.
c) Specify operations that would be required by the company for their
smooth working
d) For each operation specify the most suitable algorithm and give its
e) Suggestion on the modification of the system.

The assignment must be submitted online in Moodle. All materials MUST be submitted electronically in Microsoft Word format. Other formats (e.g., pdf or MAC file) may not be readable by markers. Please be aware that any assessments submitted in other formats will be considered LATE and will lose marks until it is presented in MS Word. No paper based or hard copy submission will be accepted.

Content for Assessment Task papers should incorporate a formal introduction, main points and conclusion.

Appropriate academic writing and referencing are inevitable academic skills that you must develop and demonstrate in work being presented for assessment. The content of high quality work presented by a student
must be fully referenced within-text citations and a Reference List at the end. Kent strongly recommends you refer to the Academic Learning Support Workshop materials available on the Kent Learning Management System (Moodle).This Moodle Site is the location for Workbooks and information that are presented to Kent Students in the ALS Workshops conducted at the beginning of each Trimester.

Kent recommends a minimum of FIVE (5) references in work being presented for assessment. Unless otherwise specifically instructed by your Lecturer or as detailed in the Unit Outline for the specific Assessment Task, any paper with less than five (5) references may be deemed not meeting a satisfactory standard and possibly be failed.

Content in Assessment tasks that includes sources that are not properly referenced according to the “Harvard Referencing Workbook” will be penalised.

Marks will be deducted for failure to adhere to the word count if this is specifically stated for the Assessment Task in the Unit Outline. As a general rule there is an allowable discretionary variance to the word count in that it is generally accepted that a student may go over or under by 10% than the stated length.

References are assessed for their quality. Students should draw on quality academic sources, such as books,chapters from edited books, journals etc. The textbook for the Unit of study can be used as a reference, but not
the Lecturer Notes. The Assessor will want to see evidence that a student is capable of conducting their own research. Also, in order to help Assessors determine a student’s understanding of the work they cite, all in-text
references (not just direct quotes) must include the specific page number(s) if shown in the original. Before preparing your Assessment Task or own contribution, please review this ‘YouTube’ video (Avoiding Plagiarism
through Referencing) by clicking on the following

A search for peer-reviewed journal articles may also assist students. These type of journal articles can be located in the online journal databases and can be accessed from the Kent Library homepage. Wikipedia, online
dictionaries and online encyclopaedias are acceptable as a starting point to gain knowledge about a topic, but should not be over-used – these should constitute no more than 10% of your total list of references/sources.

DSAA204/ BIT 204 Data Structure And Algorithms Assignment-Kent Institute Australia

DSAA204/ BIT 204 Data Structure And Algorithms Assignment-Kent Institute Australia

Additional information and literature can be used where these are produced by legitimate sources, such as government departments, research institutes such as the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC),or international organisations such as the World Health Organisation (WHO). Legitimate organisations and government departments produce peer reviewed reports and articles and are therefore very useful and mostly very current.

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