CSL10297 Issues of Protection Assignment Help Southern Cross University

Word Count: 2000

This assignment builds on your developing knowledge of the role of a practitioner in the child and family field of practice. Best practice in child and family services involves:

  • engaging in guided critical self-reflection.

Assignment : CSL10297 Issues of Protection Assignment

CSL10297 Issues of Protection

For this assignment, complete a critical self-reflection report on your experience of completing the Assignment 2; that is, how did the experience of having to see and assess risk and protective factors affect you/make you think differently? What values, assumptions, aspects of your world view, etc were challenged?

Regarding these issues, you must include the ‘steps in reflective practice’ that Fisher (2009) adapted from Gibbs (1988).

Use the following bold dot points as the subheadings for your report. The other dot points are for guidance only to help prompt you when completing the sections. You do not have to include these as sub-headings if you do not want to.

This report must demonstrate critical analysis of the issues, and draw on theory, research and concepts covered in the unit.

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  • Title page
  • Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  • Description
    • What happened?
    • What social welfare knowledge and skills did I use?
  • Personal experience
    • What was I thinking and feeling?
    • How did I communicate with workers and service users?
    • In what ways did I practise without discrimination and with respect?
  • Evaluation
    • What was positive and negative about the experience?
  • Analysis
    • What sense can I make from this experience?
    • In what ways has this helped me develop practice wisdom?
  • Confrontation
    • What values, beliefs and assumptions did I carry into this experience?
    • Where did they come from?
    • How do they differ from the values, beliefs and assumptions of others involved in the experience? (for example, your colleagues)
    • How do they connect to wider social and political forces?
    • What are the ethical implications of my actions?
  • Reconstruction
    • In what ways do I think differently since having reflected on my experience, and why?
    • What could I have done differently? Why?
    • What will I do differently next time? Why?
  • Conclusion
  • References

Marking criteria

  • Knowledge – demonstrated ability to understand and synthesise topics covered through the unit (specifically family services principles and critical self-reflection) (15%).
  • Critical analysis – demonstrated ability to conduct a critical analysis of the knowledge utilised and critical self-reflection of the volunteering experience (15%).
  • Communication – demonstrated ability to communicate in an academic way regarding expression, report presentation, logical structure, grammar, spelling (Australian), and word length (5%).
  • Research – demonstrated engagement with academic literature including quality, extent and relevance of literature used to support your arguments (5%).

This is about you so you must write in 1st person.

The in-text citations are included in the word count, while the reference list, title page and table of contents are not. If you use tables and/or graphs, the words in these are included in the word count. Do not include appendices. A rubric is located on the Blackboard site in the Assessment section to help you better understand the marking expectations.

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