CSC72003 Programming Assignment

Instruction: This is an individual assignment.

CSC72003 Programming Assignment

Task: CSC72003 Programming Assignment

Part I: Set up your assignment

To set up your assignment you will need to do the following:

• Create a folder called username-A2. For example, mine would be ahendr10-A2.

• Create a word document called username-A2-documentation. For example, mine would be ahendr10-A2- documentation. Add your full name and student id to the footer. You will lose marks if you do not do this. Save this word document to your username-A2 folder.

Design your game

Using the given zuul game as a starting point, you must design your own game. Some possible game scenarios are described in Exercise 6.3 of the text. If you find it difficult to visualize this sort of game scenario, try modelling your game on some familiar real-world location. If you need additional inspiration, you can try playing the original Colossal Cave Adventure game. You must have the following in your game:

• Your game scenario must have at least six (6) different rooms.

• Your game scenario must have at least six (6) types of exits – north, south, east, west, up, down and any other you require. This requirement does NOT mean that each room must have 6 exits

Written Exercise 1

Write a brief description of your game in your word document. You must:

• Describe your game including the back story and the setting

• List the items in the game

Written Exercise 2

Draw a map for your game scenario. You must:

• Label the rooms

• Label the exits (connections between rooms)

Written Exercise 3:CSC72003 Programming Assignment

Your game has 6 exits however the zuul-bad game only has 4 exits. Your will also have more rooms than zuul-bad and they will have different names. Copy the following template into your word document and replace the text for each of the methods. You must identify and describe the changes you would need to make to the zuul-bad project to convert it into your game. You need to consider the additional exits and rooms you have in your game.

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