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Marked out of: 76 (Weighting: 15% of the course)
Submission format: Your assignment submission must be in the form of a single
PDF document. Other formats will not be accepted.

Question 1: CSC2407 Software Engineering Assignment

CSC2407 Software Engineering solutions

High Level Architecture [26 marks]

Devise an architecture for a system that manages the daily operation of a motor
vehicle service and repair business. The system will have the following functionality:

1. Administration staff make a service booking for a customer at a time and date for a service/repair job, using a workstation in the office.
2. Mechanics log time and parts used against the customer’s job using a workstation in the workshop.
3. A stock is kept of commonly used parts and materials. The system keeps track of current inventory and re-orders automatically as needed. The system will also place a one-off order with a supplier when an uncommonly used part is need for a job.
4. Customer job records are held for future reference, and to be able to automatically email customers with a reminder that service is due at fixed intervals.

Show major subsystems and how they are related/connected. (marking scheme) Students are expected to make and state any assumptions necessary in order to complete the assignment.

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Question 2: CSC2407 Software Engineering Assignment Solution

Sequence Diagram [24 marks]

Draw a sequence diagram to show the interactions when a customer buys a camera
over the internet. (marking scheme)

Assume the following 6 objects in the system:-

  • Customer
  • Order System
  • Credit Card Company
  • Supplier
  • Warehouse
  • Courier

Draw a diagram that the models the following scenario.

  • A customer places an order for a digital camera, and supplies credit card
    details and address etc. (You do not need to model the detail steps of making
    the order.)
  • The System asks the Credit Card Company to authorise the transaction.
    (Assume it is successful.)
  • The System checks if the camera is in stock in the warehouse (the System
    contains an inventory module).

Question 3:

The Three Little Pigs and Pairwise Testing [26 marks]
(marking scheme)

The first little pig decided to hide in the cupboard beneath the bathroom sink. The second little pig decided to make an igloo out of the cushions from the lounge chair, and hide in that. But the third little pig (Penelope) decided to make a TARDIS (time machine) to escape in, which she constructed from LEGO blocks and a raspberry pi.

Your Task

You are to provide an “all pairs” test plan for one of the components. The component you must provide a test plan for depends on the last digit of your student number as given in the following table:

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