CNA782 The Illness Experience Assignment-Tasmania University Australia Australia.

Assessment task 1:
Task Description: This online assessment item comprises three (3) parts.
Part A: From the list in My Lo, choose one movie to view.
You are required to “sign up” to a discussion group of your choice, dependent on the movie you select. You will join a discussion group with other students who watched the same movie as you.
CNA782 The Illness Experience Assignment-Tasmania University Australia.

CNA782 The Illness Experience Assignment-Tasmania University Australia.

You are required to write a discussion piece to post in the discussion group on a particular theme from your chosen movie addressing the following points:

  • Identify a theme from the movie of interest to you which has been supported or affirmed by current literature.
  • Describe any new insights you gained from the movie and current literature in relation to the illness experience.
  • Reflect on what you may do differently in your clinical practice with patients and families experiencing illness to demonstrate your understanding.

For each student to get the most out of this assignment, please ensure you post your discussion piece as soon as possible. This allows other students to reply and further contribute to your ideas over the course of the two weeks. It is recommended you post your piece within the first 3 days of the discussion area opening.

Part B:
The next part of this assignment requires your contribution of personal experience supported by literature to add value to your peers writing.You are required to reply to a minimum of three (3) other student’s discussion posts in your group to broaden the knowledge on their topic. Be thoughtful and courteous, offering positive, well informed and constructive conversation.

When writing both your initial discussion piece and your replies to other students, take the following points into account:

1.Contribute to the group discussion demonstrating your understanding and ability to critically reflect on the key concepts presented within the materials in Weeks 1-4.

2.Use first person experience and perspective to reflect on themes from the film and the literature.

3.Use current literature to inform your discussion and provide in-text referencing and a reference list at the end of each post to support your statements.

4.Your work will be graded on the quality of individual postings and your contribution to the group discussions.

5.Please note: As this is considered a group work assignment with a discussion area closing deadline, extensions cannot be granted. You have two (2) weeks to post your discussions with the weeks leading up to the discussions to watch the movie and collate your thoughts. You will not be able to post in the discussion area once the deadline is met.

Part C:
Collate your initial discussion post and your three (3) best discussion replies into a single Word document (one after the other, each marked with a heading) and submit into the appropriate Assessment folder. Submit only your own work – do not submit other student’s writing.

Your allocated word count for your initial discussion post and replies should be approximately 250 words each, totalling no more than 1,000 words. There should be a minimum of four (4) posts in total, however you can provide more posts if your word count is under 1,000 words.

CNA782 The Illness Experience Assignment-Tasmania University Australia.

You should keep a record of your posts on your own computer, before you even place them into MyLO. Due to the nature of online work,occasionally there are glitches – so we recommend you compose your messages in Word before copy-pasting them into the discussion space. This is very important!

Assessment task 2

Task Description: Health professionals need to have a socio-theoretical understanding of the effects of illness on the person hood and families of the sick and suffering.

With the knowledge acquired from the online discussion, expand upon any insights you have gained through studying the written and audio-visual materials in this unit and through evidence-based literature.

Examine the experience of illness from the patient perspective and write an academic essay. Suggested topics for discussion include(but are not limited to):

  • Hospitalisation and sense of self.
  • Link between illness and the mind.
  • Emotional changes with chronic illness.
  • Self-identity (and the loss of) in illness.
  • Contemporary attitudes to illness and disability.
  • Re-evaluation of life in illness (or spiritual journey).
  • Exploring nurse-patient communication behaviours.
  • Provision of patient-centred care to the acutely ill in the hospital context.
  • Patient explanations and understandings of illness.

During your discussion you should argue a perspective and think critically about your own clinical practice. This essay should be written in third person format only. You should include a minimum of 10 recent references.

Please read the marking criteria carefully.

Assessment task 1 Part D – Reflection

Online Reflection:
For the final component in the online assessment task, you are required to write a reflection on a significant learning experience this semester.

You may choose your own topic that aligns with any of the themes across the unit content that you have experienced first-hand, or you may choose a topic that arose in the movie that you would like to explore further. You may even choose to watch one of the other movies from the list to gain ideas for your writing.

Critical reflection helps explore the meaning of professional practice.Your reflection should begin with a short introduction of the episode of care that led to your learning experience.

Writing in a first-person perspective, describe, analyse, and evaluate the experience and how it relates to the key themes presented throughout the unit. You must draw on the literature to link the insights you have gained from this episode of care, and how your role as a nurse can affect the illness experience of a patient in your care.

Your reflection should include a critical examination of the nurse patient relationship, therapeutic communication, and person-centred care in chronic illness.

Your reflection is to be posted into the relevant online discussion area,marked “Assessment Item 1 Part D – Reflection”, and uploaded to the appropriately named Assignment folder for marking. Your peers will be able to read your reflection, and whilst complimentary and supportive comments are welcome, they are not mandatory for this assessment item. Please read the marking criteria carefully to ensure you are meeting all elements of the assessment item.

What is academic integrity?
At the University of Tasmania, academic integrity requires all students to act responsibly, honestly, ethically, and collegially when using, producing, and communicating information with other students and staff members. The University community is committed to upholding

Breaches of academic integrity such as plagiarism, contract cheating, collusion and so on are counter to the fundamental values of the University. A breach is defined as being when a student:
a) fails to meet the expectations of academic integrity; or
b) seeks to gain, for themselves or for any other person, any academic advantage or advancement to which they or that other person is not entitled; or
c) improperly disadvantages any other member of the University community.

The University and any persons authorised by the University may submit your assessable works to a text matching service, to obtain a report on possible breaches such as plagiarism or contract cheating. Substantiated breaches can result in a range of sanctions which are outlined in

More information is available from the for students on the Student Portal.

The University and any persons authorised by the University may submit your assessable works to a text matching service, to obtain a report on possible instances of plagiarism or contract cheating.

CNA782 The Illness Experience Assignment-Tasmania University Australia.

Academic Integrity Training Module
As part of the University’s educative approach to academic integrity, there is a short Academic Integrity Training Module that all students are required to complete.

Completion of the module allows you to demonstrate your understanding of what constitutes a breach of academic integrity.

All commencing students (pre-degree through to higher degree by research) are required to complete the Academic Integrity module available through My LO. If you do not complete this module your final unit results will be
withheld. You should aim to complete the module within the first few weeks of commencing study at the University.

Academic referencing
In your written work you will need to support your ideas by referring to scholarly literature, works of art and/or inventions. It is important that you understand how to correctly refer to the work of others and maintain academic integrity.

Failure to appropriately acknowledge the ideas of others may constitute a breach of academic integrity.

The appropriate referencing style for this unit is Harvard Author-Date.


Required readings/ audio visual.
You will be required to access one of the five movies listed below to view as part of an assessment task. Watching all five throughout the course of the unit will assist you to develop themes and assist your research and readings.

Choose one of the following films to watch and present in your first assessment item:

1.Irreplaceable You 2018- Distributed by Netflix, Directed by Stephanie Laing (Terminal Cancer).
2.My Beautiful Broken Brain 2014, Distributed by Netflix. Directed by Sophie Robinson and Lotje Sodder land. (Stroke).
3.The fundamentals of Caring, 2016. Distributed by Netflix. Directed by Rob
Burnett. (Muscular dystrophy).
4.Unrest 2017, Distributed by Netflix. Directed by Jennifer Brea. (Chronic
Fatigue Syndrome).
5.WIT 2003, Available to stream via UTAS Library (link available in Unit

CNA782 The Illness Experience Assignment-Tasmania University Australia.

Reading Lists
Reading Lists provide direct access to many unit readings in one place. This includes e Readings and items in Reserve. You can access the Reading List for this unit from the link in MyLO, or by going to the Reading Lists page on the University Library website.

Equipment, materials, software, accounts
UTAS students are eligible to use Office 365 free of charge. It is a software package built around the Microsoft Office platform that includes Outlook (email and calendars), Word (word processor), Excel (spreadsheet) PowerPoint (presentation) and Skype for Business (video conference). These are available on and off campus. For further information and instructions to install Office 365 on your desktop and/or mobile device, please

Details of teaching arrangements
This unit is offered fully online via My LO (my learning online). You are expected to devote around 10 hours per week to the study materials, assessment tasks and self-directed learning.

Specific attendance/performance requirements
In this unit, your active engagement will be monitored in the following way:
1.Choose one of the five movies and register for a group before week 3.
2.Contribute to unit activities throughout the semester.

CNA782 The Illness Experience Assignment-Tasmania University Australia.

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