CNA347 Evidence-Based Project Assignment-Australia.

Assessment task 2: Evidence-based project (Education Tool)
Task Description: Provide an education tool for a specific issue within a specific specialty area, with a clearly identified target audience. The tool may be produced in any appropriate format; eg a poster, pamphlet,
short PowerPoint, short video, teaching session plan, etc. The target audience may be consumers, peers, specialists within the field, etc.
CNA347 Evidence-Based Project Assignment-Australia.

CNA347 Evidence-Based Project Assignment-Australia.

Assessment Criteria
Criterion 1: Target audience clearly identified or obvious from the content of the tool

Criterion 2: Information is presented at an appropriate level for the target audience

Criterion 3:The educational message is clear and the content is evidence-based, accurate, and contemporary.

Criterion 4: The tool is presented in an appropriate format and information is referenced in correct Harvard style in- text and in a separate reference list.

Criterion 5: Evidence interpreted and used correctly

Task length:1500 words or equivalent

Measures Intended Learning Outcome:
1, 2,2,2, 3,3,3

Question 1: My turn-it in match rate is very high. Is this a problem and will I be penalised?
Answer: No this is not a problem. As your second assessment is completely based on the first assessment a lot of the information may be the same. A high match rate is expected and will be taken into consideration.

Question 2: Do I need in-text references and a new reference list?
Answer: In the education tool you do not need in-text references. You do need a reference list but if you are using the same references as in the first assessment you can cut use this same list. You should have used extra sources to actually help build your education tool so add these to your list. The reference list should be added to the end of your tool. If you are
making a pamphlet put the reference list as an extra page; if you are making a poster put your reference list on an extra page; if you are making a power point put your reference list on the last slide or two; if you are making a video you can video your reference page at the end of the video; etc.

CNA347 Evidence-Based Project Assignment-Australia.

CNA347 Evidence-Based Project Assignment-Australia.

Question 3: What are the minimum and maximum times for my video or power point?
Answer: Ideal time for a video or power point for this assessment is 5-12 minutes. 5 minutes should be your absolute minimum and 12 minutes your maximum.

Question 4: I am making a poster and 1500 words is way too many words to fit in. Will I be penalised for not meeting the 1500 word requirement?
Answer: The word count is 1500 words or equivalent. If you have made an education tool you are considered to have put in 1500 words worth of effort. Some of you have made posters for children or those with low literacy rates which will have pictures and almost no words: the work done should be equivalent to 1500 words. In reality this is a measure of
effort and not number of words. It is important that you have considered how well the tool meets the needs of your audience.

Question 5: I am making a power point which has pictures and few words on each slide. In a real life situation there would be talking and explanation while the slides are displayed. I do not want to record talking over the slide show. What can I do?
Answer: A fellow students has come up with a brilliant idea. Every second slide can contain information which would be spoken to your audience. e.g. Slide 1 may contain:

Wash hands
Use alcohol rub
Dry hands

CNA347 Evidence-Based Project Assignment-Australia.

CNA347 Evidence-Based Project Assignment-Australia.

Slide 2 may contain:

“Slide 1 explanation”
It is important to use household soap when you wash your hands. Hand washing should take two minutes.You can use an alcohol hand rub instead of hand washing. It is important to make sure your hands are dry before you begin any procedure.

Doing this means you are including the spoken part of the slide show in a written form. You can differentiate your slides by doing things like having the background colour of your actual slide show different to the explanation slides; or simply put the heading “Explanation slide”
at the top of the slides which contain the talking element.

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