BUSM4737 Leadership and Management Assignment-RMIT University Australia.

Assessment 2: Individual case study analysis
Assessment type: Individual written case study exercise
Time/word limit: 2,300 (+/- 10%)
Weighting: 30%
Due Date: Sunday of Week 5, 23:59 (Melbourne time)
BUSM4737 Leadership and Management Assignment-RMIT University Australia.

BUSM4737 Leadership and Management Assignment-RMIT University Australia.

The purpose of the case study assignment is to give students the opportunity to demonstrate their ability to use the concepts and language introduced during the first part of the course. This exercise is based on the importance of gaining credibility within an organisation by using the language of managerial leadership to apply key concepts to case study examples. This assignment helps in evaluating students’ comprehension of the course materials in relation to real-world cases and provide students with tools for understanding business and leadership problems and designing solutions.

Assessment criteria:
1.Quality of writing (10%)
2.Demonstrated understanding of the course reading materials and the course topics(30%)
3.Answers that demonstrate an ability to apply concepts and ideas taken from research and practice to arrive at an insightful understanding of real-world cases. (30%)
4.Extent to which the answers effectively address all aspects of the case study questions(30%)

Course learning outcomes:
This assessment is relevant to the following course learning outcomes:
CLO 2 Accurately assess your personal strengths and areas of challenge and effectively self-manage these towards improved practice.
CLO 3 Explain how effective managerial leaders are able to diagnose and ethically improve the key areas of organisational functioning.
CLO 4 Motivate and influence others in ways that contribute to sustainable organisational performance.

Assessment Details
This assessment will be broken up into five questions. The five questions are designed to test your comprehension of the course materials in relation to real-world cases, and your capacity to see how different course topics overlap with each other and provide you with tools for understanding organisational and leadership problems and solutions.

BUSM4737 Leadership and Management Assignment-RMIT University Australia.

BUSM4737 Leadership and Management Assignment-RMIT University Australia.

Essential preparation for this task requires you to carefully read/watch:

Brenneman, G. (1998). ‘Right Away and All at Once: How We Saved Continental’, Harvard Business Review, 76(5), pp.162–173 and watch the video titled: ‘The fabric of a dream’

Here are the five questions:
1.Describe the extent to which Greg Brenneman paid attention to the three areas of the triad of awareness and discuss which of these areas he could have been more attentive to.
2.Explain how Fletcher Jones and Brenneman addressed the three recurring paradoxes.
3.Critically evaluate whether Brenneman’s actions indicated that he transformed the business model.
4.Explain how Brenneman overcame the obstacles to learning as discussed by Gino and Staats, and discuss whether his actions aligned with two of the secrets of the super bosses as described by Finkelstein.
5.In what ways (if any) the actions of Brenneman and Fletcher Jones indicated that their businesses were ‘Purpose-Driven’?

Note specially: Your assignment must use the reading materials studied in this course. Assignments that rely on references that have not been studied in this course cannot achieve even a Pass grade because such assignments fail to demonstrate what you have learnt from studying this course in leadership and management.

Submission format
Upload as one single file via the Assignments submission page within Canvas.

Referencing guidelines
If you source any material from a primary or secondary source, please include the information in your submission. You must acknowledge all the sources of information you have used in your assessments and use RMIT Harvard referencing style for referencing.

Refer to the RMIT Easy Cite referencing tool to see examples and tips on how to reference in the appropriated style. You can also refer to the library referencing page for more tools such as EndNote, referencing tutorials and referencing guides for printing.

Academic integrity and plagiarism
Academic integrity is about honest presentation of your academic work. It means acknowledging the work of others while developing your own insights, knowledge and ideas.

You should take extreme care that you have:
1.Acknowledged words, data, diagrams, models, frameworks and/or ideas of others you have quoted(i.e. directly copied), summarised, paraphrased, discussed or mentioned in your assessment through the appropriate referencing methods.
2.Provided a reference list of the publication details so your reader can locate the source if necessary. This includes material taken from Internet sites

If you do not acknowledge the sources of your material, you may be accused of plagiarism because you have passed off the work and ideas of another person without appropriate referencing, as if they were your own.

BUSM4737 Leadership and Management Assignment-RMIT University Australia.

BUSM4737 Leadership and Management Assignment-RMIT University Australia.

RMIT University treats plagiarism as a very serious offence constituting misconduct.

Plagiarism covers a variety of inappropriate behaviours, including:

  • Failure to properly document a source
  • Copyright material from the internet or databases
  • Collusion between students

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