BUS707 Research Proposal assessment-King’s Own Institute Australia.

Instructions to students: This is an individual task.

Task: BUS707 Research Proposal assessment-King’s Own Institute Australia.

BUS707_Research_ P_roposal

ASSESSMENT: Research Proposal – 50%

This assessment is designed to allow students to present and justify appropriate
method(s) for a research project designed to address the research question posed. This
assessment relates to Learning Outcomes a, b and d.
There are two components of the assessment:

  • Written proposal: 40%
  • Oral presentation: 10%

This assessment requires students to choose and justify the most appropriate research
design, clearly explaining WHY the chosen design will best answer the research question
and is most appropriate in the specific circumstances. Students should clearly justify their
recommended research and analysis methods.

Written Proposal: The proposal will contain the following information:

  1.  Title Page
  2.  Abstract/Executive Summary
  3. Research Problem and Research Objective
  4. Theoretical Background/Literature review
  5. Research Methodology
  6.  Reference List: Formatted using Harvard (Anglia) style.
  7.  Appendix: include proposed ethical approval form and informed consent form if

Submission Details
– Individual Assessment
– Word limit: 4000 words (±10%) (excluding reference list)
– You need to state the word count of the assessment on the cover page.
– The review should be professionally presented using proper headings and sub-
headings, in Arial 10pt or Times New Roman 12pt, single space. Harvard (Anglia)
style referencing.
– Softcopy to be uploaded on Turnitin via Moddle links

Marks out of 40 will be awarded on how well the student addressed the following

BUS707 Research Proposal

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Guideline and Checklist for Final Proposal (A4)

1. Title Page
Choose an interesting title for the report, the title should indicate the nature of
problem/research being investigated. If client organisation is used, the name of the
organisation should be part of the title.

2. Abstract/Executive Summary
Executive summary should provide key information of your research, 1 page is
preferable. Provide summary of:
– The introduction of the research
– The matter being investigated
– The research design and methodology

3. Introduction to the research
This section should give convincing background about the research and why the
topic is worth to research, by providing evidences to support your arguments. Key
points to be included in this section are:
– Introduce the topic of the research
– Overview of client organisation (if any)
– What real problem does the research seek to resolve and why is it important to
research this topic
– Outline the structure of this proposal.

4. Research problem and research objectives
This section should be straightforward, state the overall research problem and
research objectives based on your brief research plan (A1), revised A1 if

Proposed Research Details: BUS707 Research Proposal assessment-King’s Own Institute Australia.

BUS707_Research Proposal

Oral Presentation:
Students are to present their proposal to the class as if the audience had the authority to
grant approval for the research to ‘go ahead’.

The presentation should contain the following information:
a) Research project title
b) Introduction to the research
c) Research problem and objectives
d) Literature review
e) Research design and methodology
f) Ethical consideration
g) Summary

Marks out of 10 will be awarded on how well the student demonstrate the following


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