BSMH3023 Staffing Management Assignment-Malaysia.

One Potato Two Potato (OPTP) is a food chain restaurant expanding its services to various locations in Canada. With the Covid 19 outbreak, OPTP’s take away and home delivery services have been very successful and have received tremendous positive feedback from customers. As the food chain restaurant business grows at exceptional speed, Mr. Philip, CEO of OPTP believes that vision is essential for an organization to maximize its profit. The revised vision statement is “to be the premier food chain restaurant in Canada.” Maintaining quality and taste is the key in the food chain restaurant industry. Therefore, it becomes exceptionally challenging for Mr. Philip to maintain the quality and taste of the food as the company’s business strategy is to grow the business. One of the major challenges for OPTP and Mr. Philip is to ensure sufficient numbers of competent staff are available for the newly opened branch of OPTP in order for the company to operate efficiently and grow further in 2021 As the staffing manager, you are the in-charge of the staffing management of the newly opened branch and to ensure that the branch can be operated efficiently. You have just received a report on the human resource planning for year 2021 as shown below.
BSMH3023 Staffing Management Assignment-Malaysia.

BSMH3023 Staffing Management Assignment-Malaysia.

Table 1: Expected workforce requirment for year 2021

Table 2: Transition probability matrix based on data collected for 2018 and 2019, with current workforce for 2020

OPTP believes that 20% of cashiers, 20% of cooks, 10% of shift managers and 10% of department managers will leave the organizations due to personal reasons.

a) Explain TWO (2) conditions of person-organization match requirement for OPTP.

b) Calculate the number of workforce that need to be hired in each job category by 2021.

c) Identify TWO (2) consequences of Covid 19 pandemic on external labor market.

St Mary’s Hospital is the major acute hospital for North West London as well as a maternity center with the consultant and midwife-led services. Founded in 1970, the hospital provides care across a wide range of specialties and runs one of four major trauma centers in London in addition to its 24/7 Emergency Department. St. Mary’s Hospital has been given an extra task to manage surrounding towns during the Covid 19 outbreak. St. Mary’s Hospital is to take over management of the residence during its COVID-19 and implement all necessary measures to manage the situation and ensure the safety of residents, staff, and the community. Demand for St Mary’s Hospital’s facilities and staff members is increasing as the outbreak is currently out of control. Still, the hospital is having difficulty attracting and hiring
new front line workers to ful fill its demands. The hospital typically posts openings for the front line workers’ positions on various avenues, but the quality and quantity of the applications have not been up to the mark. According to the hospital’s president, Mr. Jason,“front line worker isn’t a popular career choice considering it stressful and hazardous job, especially in the current scenario.” Mr. Jason explains that starting salaries and career growth potential are high, and many front line workers feel proud of serving the community.

a) Suggest TWO (2) most suitable recruitment sources for front line workers to Mr. Jason in ensuring the most qualified workers by considering the recruitment metrics for each source.
b) Discuss ONE (1) potential drawback and ONE (1) applicant reaction in using the realistic job previews for St Mary’s Hospital to increase the job applications for front line workers.

BSMH3023 Staffing Management Assignment-Malaysia.

BSMH3023 Staffing Management Assignment-Malaysia.

Even as the COVID-19 crisis continues to loom, top management team of Kazuo Technology Corporation is launching planning and budgeting discussions to seek the next best strategic steps for their company to take. The company has entered the crisis in good shape financially and experienced increase demand for their products and services during
the pandemic. The company is thinking of adopting a new staffing strategy for entry into its management training program. The program will provide the trainees all the knowledge and skills they need for their initial job assignment after training. So the organization has decided to do college recruiting at the end of the recruiting season, hiring those who have not been fortunate enough to receive any job offers, paying them a salary of 10% below market, and
providing no other inducements such as a hiring bonus or relocation assistance.

a) Evaluate this practice from an ethical perspective.
b) Discuss ONE (1) predictor for each of the following assessment:
i. Initial assessment
ii. Substantive assessment
c) Consider this question, how are you going to scrutinize the candidate by using your knowledge on the concept of “the logic of prediction that says past performance predicts future performance”?

ABC Company wants to hire a top talent for Operation Manager using assessment score in their decision making process. However, several strategic approaches need to be considered before making a job offer to offer receiver. At the same time, ABC Company has also been affected by Covid-19 pandemic resulted in declining its profits, an obsolete job or work unit, also loss of their contracts and clients. Therefore, the company would implement
layoff strategy in the near future due to downsizing practice.

BSMH3023 Staffing Management Assignment-Malaysia.

BSMH3023 Staffing Management Assignment-Malaysia.

a) Describe how a Combined Model for the position of Operation Manager can be used in determining the assessment score for the ABC Company?

b) Discuss how ‘labor market conditions’ and ‘organization needs’ could affect the creation of strategic job offer.

c) Discuss the negative impacts of downsizing practice from staffing perspective.

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