BSMAN3004 Entrepreneurship Assignment – Australia.

Subject Code & Title :- BSMAN3004 Entrepreneurship
Assessment Type :- Assignment
The assignment essay should be 2000 words (+/- 10%) and should consist of an academic discussion and a practical application of theories/concepts discussed.
BSMAN3004 Entrepreneurship Assignment – Australia.

Depth and quality of research, use of literature and discussion Clear evidence of independent research quality of overall research including the quality of sources. Ability to explore analyse and synthesize different sources and concept to build logical arguments

Practical application of discussed theories/concepts to selected venture/entrepreneur’s journey
Discussion of the venture/entrepreneur on application of theories and concepts of entrepreneurship

Final verdict of the selected venture/entrepreneur’s success (or lack of it) based on theory and application.
Key success factors of the enterprise/entrepreneur or areas of improvement suggestions

Correct APA referencing style. Accurate citations and adherence to minimum number of references required

BSMAN3004 Entrepreneurship Assignment – Australia.

BSMAN3004 Entrepreneurship Assignment - Australia.

Quality of academic writing and presentation
Coherent style of academic writing free of grammar spelling and other writing errors. Overall presentation of the essay with high level of consistency in presenation. Clear expression of thinking format and readability. Level of individual reflection on what has been studied and found.

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