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As the Project Manager for ABC Security Solutions Pty Ltd you have had great success in advising Southern Developments Pty Ltd on the development of the security infrastructure for the Saint Shopping Centre and Entertainment Precinct.

The Port Philip Development Alliance, the authority that is managing the precinct, because of ABC Security Solutions Pty Ltd history with the project, has engaged your organisation and specifically you, to improve various aspects of the security operation.

The Port Philip Development Alliance is a branch of the city council that has been specifically set up to manage the Saint Shopping Centre and Entertainment Precinct.

In order for the development to occur, the city council was required to obtain funding from the state government on the development of the project and its on-going operation. That funding was granted on the provision that the project and its operation was to demonstrate business best practice and subject itself to a regular auditing process by the state government sub-committee that is to report to the government on the operation and the progress of the precinct.

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To ensure that it meets its obligation to that funding agreement, the city council and the Port Philip Development Alliance have determined that auditable processes must be put in place that demonstrate:

  • The promotion of team effectiveness.
  • That the authority and its management is promoting innovation.
  • That there is a customer service strategy in place.
  • That continuous improvement processes have been implemented.
  • That workplace briefing and debriefing processes are in place.

Project Requirements:BSBWOR402A Promote Team Effectiveness Assignment

Please refer to the client profile and review your completed project in Cluster 1 before commencing this project.

The project requirements are as follows:

Part 1. BSBWOR402A Promote team effectiveness

  1. Develop an organisational chart for security.
  2. Identify the goals and objectives that need to be met.
  3. Develop duty descriptions that will highlight:
    • The roles and responsibilities of the security staff.
    • The metrics you would put into place to measure performance in meeting those roles and responsibilities.
  1. Develop a communication and consultation procedure that will facilitate discussion and the sharing of ideas with managers and supervisors including the discussion regarding concerns and the resolving of conflict among the team.

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Part 2. BSBINN301A Promote innovation in a team environment

In order to promote innovation in a security team environment, you will need to collaborate with others to:

  • Establish what barriers to innovation can occur within your security team and broader barriers that may sometimes hinder innovation within the team.
  • Establish the broad concepts of innovation including, what innovation is, different types of innovation and the benefits of innovation that relates to what you need to achieve within your security team.
  • Establish the characteristics of teams, that are more likely to be innovative and the characteristics of the broader environment that will support and encourage innovation within your security team.
  • Establish the different roles that people play within a team, how this may impact on the way a team works and what it might achieve.
  • Establish the group dynamics you feel would be desirable in your security team.
  • Develop a plan and a support mechanism that will allow for the:
  • Provision of guidance and support to team members in developing innovative ideas.
  • Testing and challenging of ideas that have been developed.
  • Analysis of information that has been gathered.
  • Development of problem solving skills that may hinder innovation.
  • Encouragement of team members to adopt behaviours that promote and support innovation in the workplace.

Part 3. BSBCUS401A Coordinate implementation of customer service strategies

Research books, magazine, blogs, articles, forums etc. relating to:

  • The development of implementation schedules for customer service
  • How to diagnose problems relating to customer service
  • How to identify needs and priorities
  1. List the ideas, processes or considerations that you would consider putting into place.

You must:

  1. List the sources of information you have reviewed for each dot point above.
  2. Provide an overview of each dot point of what you would put into place.

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