BSBSUS401 Environmental Practices Assignment

Instructions: This is an individual assignment.

Answer all questions satisfactorily:

  • Reference all sources of information – APA or Harvard
  • Provide examples and descriptions from your workplace and/or experience, do not copy and paste from the learning resources or reference materials
  • Dot point answers/explanations are acceptable where appropriate
BSBSUS401 Environmental Practices

Task: BSBSUS401 Environmental Practices Assignment

This Assessment Task requires you to investigate current resource usage practices and participate in setting targets for improving environmental performance within your organization.

Question 1. Present your methods, findings, and plans for improvements by addressing the following:

a) Identify and describe the relevant environmental regulations, standards and codes of practice that apply to your organisation .

  • Food storage: Food must be stored separately and labeled by date received. The first items received must be the first items used. The facility must also have a working thermometer, and refrigeration must be below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Anything above 40 degrees allows bacteria to grow.
  • Employee cleanliness: Employees are expected to be clean, wash their hands regularly, and keep hair pulled back so it doesn’t get into food or drinks.

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  • Employee safety: All employers are subject to federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations. OSHA sets and enforces safety standards to ensure safe and xchealthful working conditions. OSHA will inspect your location and help you meet their standards.

b) Identify the environmental, quality and compliance requirements relevant to your work area.

  • international
  • Commonwealth
  • state/territory

(i) Assess how your organisation complies with these requirements.

  1. Dealing with complaints- Check the food business responsibilities in the event of a report of a food safety issue.
  2. Intentional contamination of food- An outline of food business responsibilities if you suspect intentional contamination of food

c) Collect information on environmental and resource efficiency systems, issues and procedures relevant to your industry. Describe what information was collected, how you collected this information and how it relates to your organization.

Question 2: BSBSUS401 Environmental Practices Assignment

Explain these processes by addressing the following points:

a)  Identify change management and continuous improvement strategies to ensure organizational compliance and improvement.

b) Identify the stakeholders, key personnel and specialists that you consulted during your research for setting improvement targets

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