BSBMGT517 Manage Operational Plan Assignment-George Brown College Canada.

Read the questions below and respond in writing with the most suitable answer. There are 18 questions. You must complete them all. Unless otherwise stated, the questions require short answers. You may use various sources of information including your workbook, internet and other
documents. You must list your sources. Your assessor will advise you when this is due.
BSBMGT517 Manage Operational Plan Assignment-George Brown College Canada.

BSBMGT517 Manage Operational Plan Assignment-George Brown College Canada.

These are short answer questions. Answers should be between 30 and 100 words.
For this assessment you may answer in dot points.

Describe two (2) different kinds of operational plans and for each give one (1) example.

Question 2
Describe how a Gantt chart can be used to develop operational plans.

Question 3
Presentation of an operational plan must include a number of elements. Provide a list of what must be contained in a formal business presentation of the plan.

Question 4
Explain the role of an operational plan in achieving the organisation’s objectives.

Question 5
(a) Describe what is an organisational budget. Include briefly how they are developed. (100 words)

(b) Give an example of a type of budget that a business might have.

(c) When developing a budget and forecasting expenditure, what factors do you need to consider?

(d) If developing a budget for a shop, what factors would you need to consider?

Question 6
(a) What does KPI stand for? Give one example.

(b) List two (2) different approaches to developing key performance indicators KPIs) to meet business objectives.

Question 7
For each of the following kinds of legislation, provide two (2) examples of how they impact on implementation of an organisational plan in an organisation.

Question 8
(a) Outline the legislative and regulatory context relevant to a hospitality business. List three (3) key kinds of legislation or regulations.

(b) A club is proposing to refurbish the bistro area to make it more family friendly. What legal issues need to be considered that may impact on its operations? List two (2) and briefly explain the reason.

Question 9
What three (3) key resources are required for the development of an operational plan?

Question 10
How could effective communication and consultation in the planning stage be achieved in the development of an operational plan?

Question 11
What are some key considerations you must address when you are thinking of hiring new staff into an organisation? Give three (3) examples

Question 12
What is the function of the purchasing department in an organisation?

Question 13
What does the term intellectual property mean?

Question 14
Describe how you could monitor and review expected productivity and profit plans and targets.

Question 15
(a) What are three (3) common problems associated with the implementation of any operational plan in the workplace?

(b) How could these be avoided?

Question 16
(a) How would a manager be able to see under performance in a product or performance?

(b) How could you measure the success of an operational plan in a hospitality business? List at least three (3) examples of how you would obtain and measure information (KPIs).

Question 17
What processes do you need to have in place to enable a business to modify its operational plans?

Question 18
Why is it important to analyse and interpret budget and actual financial information to monitor and review profit and productivity performance?

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