BSBHRM405 Cert IV HR Assignment 1

What you have to do
This unit applies to individuals with a role in recruitment, selection and induction functions who work under the direction of a human resources manager. You may also work under the direction of a line manager where there is no HR Management position.
BSBHRM405 Cert IV HR Assignment 1

BSBHRM405 Cert IV HR Assignment 1

In order to complete the assessment events you will be required to:
 work with job descriptions to support sourcing, selecting and appointing suitable staff
 participate in interviews and other selection techniques, and demonstrate awareness of EEO and anti-discrimination requirements
 use different advertising channels to promote vacancies and/or establish a potential talent pool.

Each specified event in this unit must successfully be completed in order to be assessed as being competent in this unit.

You have been given the task of recruiting and selecting a suitable person for the attached position. Complete the tasks below.

1.A) Outline the steps taken/stages in recruiting and selecting for a position such as this. (A flow chart would be acceptable).
B) With whom would you need to discuss this vacancy?
C) What legislation would you need to consider when preparing to recruit for this position?

2.Provide a sample of the paperwork necessary to commence recruitment activity.(E.g. recruitment requisition form; budget allocation etc.)

3.A) What advertising channels could you choose to advertise the vacancy/identify potential talent pool? (You need to nominate at least three different mediums)
B) Why would you choose these advertising channels?

BSBHRM405 Cert IV HR Assignment 1

BSBHRM405 Cert IV HR Assignment 1.

4.Prepare a recruitment advertisement for this position which clearly states the selection criteria.

5.A) List the possible selection tools/processes that you would use to assist as part of the selection process.
B) Explain why you would use these tools.

6.Use the identified selection criteria to develop a short listing template for candidates.

7.Prepare an email for your selection panel inviting them to participate and listing the activities to be completed to prepare for selection.

8.Create a list of 8 – 10 questions you intend to ask the applicants if they are invited for an interview. Ensure that there are at least four behaviour based questions directly related to the selection criteria.

BSBHRM405 Cert IV HR Assignment 1.

BSBHRM405 Cert IV HR Assignment 1

I have:
 Completed ALL questions in a clear and concise manner
 Included my name, student number, unit number, assessment number
 Reviewed and spell checked my document
 Saved a copy on my own computer.

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