BIZ104 Customer Experience Management Assignment – Laureate International University, US

Instructions: This is an individual assignment.

Length: 1200 words (+/- 10%)

Weighting 35%

Total Marks 100 marks

Learning Outcomes:

a) Compare and contrast the emerging concepts and practices that shape the customer experience.

b) Explore customer differentiation in service delivery and identify customer’s critical touchpoints that influence an organization’s customer experience strategy

c) Research a customer problem and develop an appropriate customer experience

d) Develop and communicate a customer experience strategy e) Analyse and apply tools to monitor and evaluate a customer experience strategy

Task: BIZ104 Customer Experience Management Assignment

BIZ104 Customer Experience Management


Customer experience is the perception of an organization’ experience in the eyes of the customer. Building a customer experience strategy to improve customer experiences is important to strengthen and build long term customer relationships and align the organization with the needs of the customer.

In this assessment task, you will apply your acquired knowledge to create a unified customer experience strategy. To do this, you will build on assessment 2 to analyze and communicate how your chosen organization will manage customer experience(s) towards achieving customer loyalty.

Your aim is to illustrate and communicate a CEM strategy proposing a better service offering. Using experience mapping tools, the report should account for how the CEM

This assessment involves the following activities:

1. Introduce briefly the organization you have chosen: the industry it competes in, its background and its service offering. Consider and implement the feedback received from assessment 2.

2. Identify and differentiate 2 customer segments (from research undertaken for assessment 2) using personas to illustrate and communicate their unique customer perspectives

3. Take the Voice of the Customer (VOC) and customer feedback obtained from primary and secondary research (in assessment 2) into account in forming the customer experience strategy.

Submission Instructions:

Submit your Customer Experience Strategy Analysis via the Assessment link in the main navigation menu in BIZ104 Customer Experience Management by the due date. The learning facilitator will provide feedback via the Grade Centre in the LMS portal. Feedback can be viewed in My Grades.

Learning Rubrics: BIZ104 Customer Experience Management Assignment – Laureate International University, US

BIZ104_Customer Experience Management Assignment
BIZ104_Customer_Experience Management Assignment
BIZ104_Customer_Experience_Management Assignment

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