BESC1001 Preparation for Academic Study Assignment Help ACAP

Unit description

This foundation unit provide students with an orientation to both their discipline and
academic study at higher education. Students will be orientated to the class space and the
teaching and learning philosophy of the School of Counselling. Students will receive
readings related to their discipline and will be taught the skills that are relevant to their
success in higher education. In this unit, students will undertake a text analysis exercise
and will develop the skills to plan, structure and write two short essays, one in an

academic style, and the other in a reflective style. The use of Turn-It-In as a self- assessment tool in academic writing will be introduced. Students will also be introduced

to the information and technology communication (ICT) skills required for study success.

Unit learning outcomes : BESC1001 Preparation for Academic Study Assignment

BESC1001 Preparation for Academic Study Assignment - ACAP

On completion of this unit, students will be able to:
a) demonstrate an understanding of the requirements of academic writing
b) summarise and synthesise information
c) think critically, analyse, interpret, process and communicate information effectively
d) develop and apply effective research skills
e) plan, compose and review assignments
f) develop ICT skills required for online learning
g) identify the structure and organisation of an essay
h) develop and apply strategies to manage time and organise resources effectively

Studying for this unit

The content of this unit has been designed to maximize the learning and the integration
of the subject matter. Much of the unit material is specific to the Australian context.
Students are encouraged to access additional information relevant to their local context,
which will assist in applying the learning and ensuring its relevance. This may include
specific legislation, government and professional association resources, and journals. It is
important that students’ reading is broad.

In general students are expected to:
read each section of the unit carefully and make notes new content, and points that
are unclear, or in conflict with previous learning or experience
complete readings of the text and other readings and resources, making notes on
important insights or facts, especially those relevant to your assignments

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Assignments : BESC1001 Preparation for Academic Study Assignment Solution

The assignments for this unit are carefully set so they develop from and support the key
concepts and skills of the unit, and are aligned with the learning outcomes for this unit.


Section 1: Preparing for Study

Section 2: Developing Your Literature Search and Reading Skills

Section 3: Conceptualising the Writing Process

Section 4: Understanding Academic Integrity and Referencing

Section 5: Being a Reflective Practitioner and Thinking Critically

Section 6: Writing an Academic Essay

Section 7: Taking a Closer Look at Academic Essay Writing

Section 8: Refining Your Writing

Section 9: Writing Reflectively and Critically

Section 10: Linking Research with Reflection

Section 11: Exploring Research in the Social Sciences

Section 12: Reflections and lifelong learning

Assignment summary

Please ensure you keep copies of all assignments submitted for this unit.

BESC1001 Preparation for Academic Study

Assignment 1: Text analysis

Assignment Type       : Text analysis
Weighting                      : 20%
Word Count                   : 500 words

The purpose of this assignment to apply the skills that have been taught in the first four
weeks of the unit. This assignment provides an opportunity for early feedback on the
students’ developing academic skills, including the skills of reading for a purpose,
summarising, sentence and paragraph construction, locating and selecting appropriate
sources, referencing, and proof reading.

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1) Choose one of the readings that have been provided to you in the online class
space in Week 1 of this unit. Read your chosen reading and take notes of the main
points of the article. These notes do not have to be submitted but will help you
complete 2).

2) In third person, write a paragraph that clearly summarises the article. Include in
this summary the name of the author and the article’s main argument / thesis
topic. Do not use dot points or lists. Use full sentences so it becomes a paragraph
of about 150 words.

BESC1001 Preparation for Academic Study solution

Assignment support and information

Important and valuable information about completing your assignments can be found in
the following places:
How to guides – to search press Ctrl F on the page and type what you are looking

Student learning support:

Assessment information:

Student Administration:

All assignments are to be submitted online through the online classroom for this unit.
You can find more information on the assignment process on the ‘Assessment
Information’ section of the ‘Current Students’ part of the ACAP website

How to apply for an extension:
Extensions may be granted to students who have unforeseen circumstances. The policy
and process for student extensions can be found here:

Students can request a one week extension from their academic teacher in the case of
unforeseen circumstances. Longer extensions may be requested via AccessAbility or the
program delivery team in your state.

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