BBMM506 Strategic Management Assignment Cambridge International College Australia



The following is the basis for your assignment. This Assignment, its draft and presentation constitutes 50% of your overall grade for the
Unit. The final word count is 1500 words and a 500 word draft is expected to be submitted.

  • Your draft is due on February. Submitted via Turnitin, this can be an outline or mind map of Porters 5 Forces. This is to be up to 500 words.

ASSIGNMENT BRIEF : BBMM506 Strategic Management Assignment

BBMM506 Strategic Management

The case study analysis report is an individual assignment intended to assess students’ ability to identify, understand and apply key strategic management concepts and tools to the analysis of an industry.  Students are expected to research an Australian industry of their choosing and using the Porter’s Five Forces tool, complete a comprehensive position to determine the competitive intensity and therefore attractiveness of this Industry.

A well written Report should have the following sample report format:

  • Cover Page (Title of the case study and student name)
  • Introduction (Outline description of the chosen industry)
  • Five Forces Analysis
  • Key Findings and Recommendations – (Conclusion as to the attractiveness of the industry and the level of competitive rivalry)
  • Reference List – (Harvard Referencing Style)

You should provide appropriate evaluation of all relevant considerations given the current economic and market conditions.

Justifications for the recommended course of actions and decision must be presented. You must use the latest available economic, industry and company information to complete your analysis. Please note that it is to be written in a business report style that is appropriate for senior management.

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That is, you need to think carefully about the structure of the report. It needs to be interesting, informative and persuasive as the aim is to highlight key external and internal business challenges that the company is likely to face in the selected industry.


Your draft is to be an outline or plan of how you will approach your assignment – it is not designed to be the assignment.

Your draft should have the following elements:

Student Name

Industry Chosen

Company Chosen

Proposed Sources and how you will obtain those sources

A Mind Map or Bullet points of each element of the forces you wish to discuss. A sample is provided.


A Marking Rubric is attached to this document.

Individual Weightings for the final paper are as follows:

Understanding of Porters 5 Forces (25%)

Quality of Research (15%)

Quality of the Analysis and Recommendations (30%)

Quality of the Argument – Coherence & Consistency (20%)

Referencing, Structure, Grammar, (10%)


The five force analysis and Value Chain analysis should be based on real and current data relating to the chosen industry gained from a variety of sources. The analysis must show a clear understanding of each of the Five Forces and must be supported with relevant references from the literature.

You must:

  • Research using the prescribed textbook and at least 2 academic journal articles (refer to ProQuest /Ebsco/ ebrary that are accessible via Moodle)
  • Construct an in-depth and analytical discussion based on a correct understanding of the Five Forces model.
  • Use evidence and factual data from government and industry sources to support your work.
  • Write in a clear and logical manner.
  • Use in-text citations and referencing using the Harvard referencing system

Other important reminders:

  • Sharing or borrowing report submissions is considered serious academic misconduct which can lead to failure of the assignment or the entire unit.
  • Lecturers may require students to discuss their case study report in a separate meeting.
  • All submissions must be submitted through Turnitin, emailed or hard copy submissions will not be marked.


Plagiarism is not tolerated at Cambridge International College. Please read the Unit Outline for reference to plagiarism. If you are unsure please consult with your lecturer or a learning adviser.

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