BACT105 Business Accounting Assignment-Kent Institute Australia.

Unit Code: BACT105
Unit Title: Business Accounting
Type of Assessment: Assessment 3 – Individual Business Report
Length/Duration: 1,500 words
Assessment Task:The assignment requires students to answer questions regarding the given scenario(s) both theoretically and practically.
Weighting: 20%
Submission Date: Week 11
BACT105 Business Accounting Assignment-Kent Institute Australia.

BACT105 Business Accounting Assignment-Kent Institute Australia.

Unit Learning Outcomes addressed:
1.Use the language of financial accounting and financial reporting
2.Explain the purpose, content, format and practical applications of the
following financial statements, the Profit and Loss Statement, the Balance Sheet, the Statement of Cash Flows and the relationship between these financial statements
5.Apply the accounting cycle and the business process of accounting information systems and their ethical implications
6.Use financial information to support management decision making for solving both programmed and non programmed business problems
7.Apply the Principle of Double entry system efficiently

In this individual assignment, you are required to write a business report which has to include Executive Summary, Introduction, Main Body, Recommendations and Conclusions.The assignment questions are prepared in an excel file, uploaded to Assessment Briefs Folder with the name as “BA Assignment Question T1 2021”. When doing the assignment, please make sure you read and follow the instructions below strictly:

There are two sheets in the excel file: one of them is called “Assignment Question” and the other one “Adjustments”.

Step 1: Go to “Assignment Question” sheet and enter your student number to the Cell “B2” as indicated by the blue arrow. You then get own data set and you must use your own data set for your individual assignment. Upon
this, you can start working on the assignment in a WORD document.

BACT105 Business Accounting Assignment-Kent Institute Australia.

BACT105 Business Accounting Assignment-Kent Institute Australia.

Step 2: Journalize the adjustments transactions (You can find the information in the “Adjustments” sheet).

Step 3: Post adjusting journal entries and complete the worksheet.

Step 4: Create the Income Statement from the completed worksheet.

Step 5: Journalise the closing entries

Step 6: Create the Statement of Equity and the Balance Sheet from the completed worksheet

Step 7: Answer the following questions considering proper referencing:
1) What is a trial balance, why do we create it?
2) What are adjusting journal entries? Why de we record adjusting journal entries?
3) What is the purpose of preparing an Adjusted Trial Balance?
4) How adjusting entries are different from the closing entries?

Please note that the assignment must be done in one WORD file. Proper referencing is required for Step 7.Please follow Harvard Referencing Style for both in-text reference and reference list.

The assignment must be submitted online in Moodle. All materials MUST be submitted electronically in Microsoft Word format. Other formats (e.g., pdf or MAC file) may not be readable by markers. Please be aware that any
assessments submitted in other formats will be considered LATE and will lose marks until it is presented in MS Word. No paper based or hard copy submission will be accepted.

BACT105 Business Accounting Assignment-Kent Institute Australia.

BACT105 Business Accounting Assignment-Kent Institute Australia.

Our Academic Learning Support (ALS) team would be happy to help you with understanding the task and all other assessment-related matters. For assistance please speak to our Academic Learning Skills Coordinators, Jeanine Groves in Sydney or Ryan Honner in Melbourne They can help you with understanding the task, draft checking, structure, referencing and other assignment-related matters. For online help and support please click the following link and navigate Academic Learning Support in Moodle:


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