APPL910 – Critical Review Essay Assignment Help MACQUARIE University Sydney Australia

A Critical Review should include a brief Summary of the main points of the three articles/chapters that you have chosen from the particular Theme, together with a Critique of the chosen texts. Of the two, the Critique is the more important and should take more space.

The length of the Critical Review should be no more than 4000 words,
including your references list.

Summary Section : APPL910 – Critical Review Essay Assignment Help MACQUARIE University Sydney Australia

APPL910 - Critical Review Essay

Here you give a brief overview and synthesis of what the articles/chapters are about and what the authors want to achieve by writing them.

  •  What are the articles/chapters about?
  • What research approach has been used/drawn upon?
  • Is it a debate on different points of view?
  • What are the main arguments and what are the main findings/conclusions of the articles/chapters?
  •  How would you synthesise the content of the articles/chapters?

Critique Section : APPL910 – Critical Review Essay Assignment Help

Here you evaluate the contents of the articles/chapters. Here are some
questions/dot-points you can choose from. Select those which best suit your own evaluation and the nature of the articles/chapters.

  • For whom are the articles/chapters written? Are they appropriate for their audience(s)?
  •  What underlying assumptions are there? How do these strengthen or weaken the argument?
  •  What claims are being made? What hypotheses are being argued for?
  • Does the evidence match up with claims being made?
  • How systematic and well-displayed is the argument?
  • If it is an experimental study, is the methodology clearly enough displayed so that replication would be possible?
  • If it is a qualitative study is the data ‘thick’ enough to warrant the claims being made?
  • Does the discussion adequately reflect the findings and the hypotheses/research questions?
  • How adequately does the article/chapter present other relevant studies?
    What support does its argument have elsewhere?
  • What is the practical relevance of the article/chapter, and for whom would its findings be significant?

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