A3W15 Health Care Assignment-Australia.

Assessment 3 explores a range of concepts that you have worked with throughout this unit.
Themes of interest include:
1. Primary care;
2. community based care;
3. wellness, preventative care and hospital avoidance programs;
4. health literacy and navigation;
5. the role of Government; and
6. vulnerable groups.
A3W15 Health Care Assignment-Australia.

A3W15 Health Care Assignment-Australia.

There are five (5) questions and you need to answer ALL the questions. You will need to use a minimum of two (2) peer reviewed references for each question. The word count for each question is 400 words +/- 10%. In text references are included in the word count, however the reference list is not; so in total the word count for the assessment is 2,000 words +/-10%. The answers need to be structured in academic language and properly formed, not as simple dot points.

Each question has a marking key that reflects the allocated marks (see the attached rubric).Please check that you have met the marking criteria.

Question One:
Define what is meant by hospital avoidance schemes and provide some real-world examples. Discuss how these schemes can benefit the overall health care system.

Question Two: Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the current funding mechanism of the Australian Health Care System, in terms of equity and efficiency.

Question Three:
Define health literacy. How does health literacy relate to a person’s capacity for making informed health decisions? What factors influence the development of health literacy and what strategies have been effective in developing health literacy, particularly in relation to vulnerable groups?

A3W15 Health Care Assignment-Australia.

A3W15 Health Care Assignment-Australia.

Question Four:
Governance and stewardship of the Australian Health Care System are considered to be roles of the Government. Define governance and stewardship in relation to health care systems using examples from the Australian Federal Government to demonstrate your answer.

Question Five:
Discuss the role of Community based health care in relation to current and future challenges of the Australian Health Care System.

Report Guidelines:
Your report should follow the School of Public Health guide to assignment presentation, including a contents page, appropriate academic references (APA 7th edition), student declaration and cover page, main title and headings/subheadings.Remember to think critically and read widely. Do not forget to reference correctly and include a reference list to ensure academic integrity of your work!

Report Layout
The following is guide as to how you could present your report; however, you do not need to follow this exactly.
1.Cover page and student declaration
2.Table of contents
3.Answer to Question 1
4.Answer to Question 2
5.Answer to Question 3
6.Answer to Question 4
7.Answer to Question 5

A3W15 Health Care Assignment-Australia.

A3W15 Health Care Assignment-Australia.

If you have questions about the assignment it is recommended that you post a question on the Discussion Board.

Marks will be assigned as per the attached marking rubric.

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