401005 Medicine And Nursing Essay Assignment-Western Sydney University Australia

Instructions to students: This is an individual assignment.

Task: 401005 Medicine And Nursing Essay Assignment

401005 Medicine And Nursing Essay

Exemplar Guidelines: Essay (40%)
In your response, refer to the following components in order to meet the set criteria 1-4:

1. CRITERION 1: Introduce your topic and age-group: Conforming to the elements of a good introduction, use global statements and no referencing will be required in the  introduction. See elements of criterion 1: 5 marks allocated

2. CRITERION 2: Describe/discuss what psycho-social development involves and then explain two or three examples of psycho-social (*sometimes just called social) development for the age-group (see criterion 2). Explore two to three aspects of social development in the case study as examples if you wish (actual or hypothetical to the case study). See elements of criterion 2 for 2.1-2.3 below: 15 marks allocated

2.1. Midwifery students: First explain what psycho-social development and/or  attachment is, outline its importance in the psycho-social development of infants, then discuss various examples or applications of attachment including bonding, the role of parents, tummy time, nutrition, parental relationships, self-care and/or another aspect of social development using the case study, or from the literature.

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2.2. Nursing students: First, explain what psycho-social development in children is. For example, you may want to explain how it is sometimes, although not necessarily, determined by both physical and cognitive development. Outline aspects of psycho-social development of children with examples including the normative transition of toilet training in building autonomy and peer interaction as building initiative, including the age-range in being able to gain full continence. You might wish to explore the role of parenting, peers, childcare socialization and/or another aspect of psycho-social development either using the case study, or from the literature.

2.3. CRITERION 2 continued: Incorporate the work of at least one theorist in your discussion. You may of course, refer to more than one theorist. For example, explain  Erikson’s stage of social development for the age-group (which may span two stages), or explain an attachment theorist (Bowlby, Ainsworth). See point 2.4. and 2.5 which follow.

2.4. Relevant theorists for Midwifery topic Scenario Case Study  include, but are not  limited to:
· Erikson (psycho-social development)
· Bowlby (attachment)
· Ainsworth (attachment)
· Bronfenbrenner (socio-cultural/ecological development)

2.5. Relevant theorists for Nursing topic – Scenario Case Study 2: may include but are not limited to:
· Erikson (psycho-social development)
· Vygotsky (sociocultural development)
· Bronfenbrenner (sociocultural/ecological development)
· Bandura (socio-cognitive development)

3. CRITERION 3: 401005 Medicine And Nursing Essay Assignment-Western Sydney University Australia

Describe two to three examples of factors which influence psycho-social development For example, aspects of physical development may potentially impact on psycho-social development. Non-normative events may impact on psycho-social development. The relationship of parents and parenting style may impact on psycho-social development. See elements of criterion 3 for 3.1-3.3 below: 10 marks allocated.

3.2. CRITERION 3 and/or 2: Use at least two examples from the scenario Case Study provided to inform your discussion. There is no need to reference the case study scenario or write it out again for your submission.

3.3. CRITERION 3: Explain the relevance of understanding this childhood life stage to nursing and midwifery practice in terms of providing support to parents. Explain or justify one or two points on why the knowledge you have written about is important to know in order to support parents if their child is in your care (three to four sentences – ideally supported by relevant literature)

4. CRITERION 1: Conclude your work (see again criterion 1: Introduction & Conclusion)

4.1. CRITERION 4: Review your referencing and make sure your work is fully acknowledged and your writing polished ready for submission.

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