21931 Research Problem And Literature Review Assignment-Australian Technology Network of University

Instructions to students: This is not an individual piece of work.

Weight: 30%

Length:Approximately 2000 – 2500 words 

Task: 21931 Research Problem And Literature Review Assignment

21931 Research Problem And Literature Review

Working in groups of 4 or 5, students must identify a research topic based on a challenge or issue in a relevant industry or organisation. From this research topic, students are to develop a concept map from which each student adopts their own research question. This research question will be used in assessment 2 in which students work individually to complete a research proposal for their own unique in-depth research project.

In assessment 1, each student is required to complete an annotated bibliography for two relevant academic journal articles (see Appendix A for a template and example). Journal articles will relate to either the group research topic and/or to your specific research question.

Students’ will receive a group mark and reviewing each other’s work is recommended. The group submission should include an introduction, justification for the research topic, individual research questions and the annotated bibliographies.

The structure you could use:

– Introduction (main idea regarding the research; set the context; what’s the topic?)

– Justification (reason for doing research, what’s the gap; this could be the justification for the research topic (if relevant) and/or the research questions)

– Narrowing down the research (each student will develop a specific research question; include a concept map that depicts your group’s research topic together with individuals’ research questions)

– Bibliography (Each group member must provide annotated bibliographies for two academic journal articles related to the research topic and/or their specific research question; the annotated bibliographies are part of the word count; see Appendix A)

– References

Both an electronic and a paper copy of your introduction must be submitted .  Assessments must be electronically submitted to Turnitin . There is no need to upload
the assessment cover sheet. The paper copy submitted in class must be identical to the version uploaded to Turnitin. Penalties apply if this is not the case. Please see Appendix for the marking criteria. The marking criteria are important for you and help you  understand what is required in this assessment. Please read them.

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The appearance of your report is also important. Here are some tips.

  •  Include the word count at the end of your report;
  •  Include page numbers at the bottom of each page;
  •  Use 1.5 line spacing, 2.5 cm margins on top, bottom and each side, left- justified and Times New Roman font size 12;
  •  There is no need to use colour printing, formatting templates, plastic, fancy or bound covers when submitting your report;
  •  Marks will be deducted for violations of these presentation rules.

Writing style:

The essay should be written in formal academic narrative style. The essay will be evaluated for discriminatory language, clarity of expression and overall presentation including grammar, spelling and punctuation. Do not use casual language. Headings may be used sparingly. An executive summary is not required. Reports must be fully and appropriately referenced using Harvard author – date, in – text referencing. Substantial marks will be deducted for inadequate or incorrect referencing.

Tips: 21931 Research Problem And Literature Review Assignment-Australian Technology Network of University

  •  The UTS Business Guide to Writing Assignments is a valuable document if you are unsure about your writing. The guide is available UTSOnline in the External  resources folder.
  •  Proof-read your work! Not just on the screen but on a hard copy after it is printed. This is especially important if English is not your first language.Reading your work out aloud is another useful proof-reading technique.
  • Use spell-checker and grammar checking.
  • Proofread for the things that spell-checker does NOT pick up (like to, two, or too?)
  • Ensure you appropriately acknowledge the original authors of information and ideas whose work you have drawn from. Of the various systems for presenting citations (acknowledgements within your assignment) and references (the list of sources used), the one favored for use is the UTS Harvard system. See the guide identified above.
  • Write in a formal manner suitable for scholarly work (third person), rather than a letter to a friend or a newspaper article.
  • Ensure your report does not exceed the word limit. The purpose of a word limit is for students to learn to write clearly and concisely. This is a skill that takes time to learn and students are encouraged to allocate time before submitting their assessment for improving their writing.
  • If a student submits an assessment that exceeds the word limit, he or she may be penalised. The word limit encompasses all the words in the text from the start of the introduction to the end of the conclusion (including headings, quotations and in-text references).

Appendix A : Annotated bibliography template

21931_Research Problem And Literature Review

Appendix B

21931_Research_Problem_And Literature Review

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