2107AFE Accounting Information Systems Assignment-Griffith University Australia

The objective of the assignment is to demonstrate your data skills using business scenarios.
1.This is not a group-based assignment and every student needs to submit an individual project.
2.Part 1 of the project is to use Excel using the data provided or your own data. You are required to create and submit a 3-minute video as part of assessment of oral communication skills and your understanding of commonly used Excel functionality for business.
3.Part 2 of the project is to use Tableau to answer some business questions.
2107AFE Accounting Information Systems Assignment-Griffith University Australia

2107AFE Accounting Information Systems Assignment-Griffith University Australia

i. Review and complete all Excel and Tableau Workshop activities (weeks 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6).
ii. Watch all Excel and Tableau videos provided on Learning@Griffith site for the course.

Marking split
The marks for your assignment are split as per the following:
• 10 marks are allocated to Excel for correctly using the functions in your Excel workbook.
• 6 marks are allocated for your explanations of the Excel functions in the video.
• 10 marks are allocated to Tableau for providing appropriate visualisations.

Part 1 – MS Excel
On Learning @ Griffith in the assessment folder where you located this assignment instructions, there is a sample Excel data file called ‘Data skills assign – Excel.xlsx’. It contains 2 worksheets with some existing data. You may use one of these worksheets or both or none for your assignment. You may use your own data instead if you wish. Feel free to extend the data if desired by adding in extra columns or rows or even a new worksheet with some completely
different data. You may also reduce the amount of data in there (but please keep some variety in the data) or delete the sheets entirely to use your own data.

If you have your own business scenario, you may use that for this assessment.
In your Excel file, use the 5 different Excel functions listed below (you must use all 5):
• Absolute cell referencing and Relative cell referencing
• Nested IF Function i.e. multiple IF functions in the one formula
• VLOOKUP Function
• PivotTable and PivotChart
• Filters and the Subtotal function

When using the functions, make the purpose of their use relevant to the business. As an example of an idea you could do something like the below:

  • Fore casted income statement based on different future sale achievements (e.g., poor, moderate, good)

Format your spreadsheet appropriately. You may use colours, styles and fonts of your choice to enhance the readability of your workbook. Formatting is part of the marking.

Limitations: Do not submit more than one Excel workbook.

2107AFE Accounting Information Systems Assignment-Griffith University Australia

2107AFE Accounting Information Systems Assignment-Griffith University Australia

Your video presentation of your Excel functions:
In order to assess oral communication in 2107AFE it is required to present your Excel data skills work in a video. The presentation should contain the following information and follow this format:

Open with a 10 – 20 second introduction showing your face in the video (just so we can formally link the voice in the assessment with the face of you as the student). In this introduction very briefly mention what the business scenario is for the Excel component of the assignment.

Explain each of the 5 functions one at a time. When explaining the functions, show your knowledge of how the function works by showing the formula for the function and describing in detail what each part of the formula is doing. Also talk about the purpose of resultant data from the function in terms of your business.

You can do a ‘live’ screen capture of your Excel screens while you talk or use a tool like Power Point slides to show screen shots and other bits of information on screen with your voice as audio over top with your explanations. You are not limited to these means of doing the video as they are suggestions only.

Be aware that your audience has access to your submission at Learning@Griffith so you can refer to the submitted files.

Ensure that the quality of the video is sufficient to see and understand you clearly. In the case where your sound quality is very poor and we cannot understand you, we won’t be able to give you any marks for the oral presentation.

Your video of the presentation should not exceed 3 minutes.

Marking of Excel will be based on the rubric supplied in the assessment folder on L@G.

You can use your smartphone to do the recording or a tool such as screencast-o-matic

It is a free online tool that you can use to screen capture your Excel computer screen as well as being able to use the option to show yourself on the screen capture. Please see the Learning @ Griffith website in the assessment area for the project for more details.

Part 2 – Tableau
Using the data set Global Super Store, create visualisations as instructed for each of the below questions and upload the workbook containing them to the ‘Student data skills assignment’ project in Tableau Online.

Each question is worth 2 marks.

Question 1.
Create a visualisation to identify the 3 subcategories with the highest average shipping cost in the United States.

Question 2.
Create a visualisation to show which country that generated the highest total profit for Global Superstore in 2014?

Create a separate visualisation to show the following: for this country identified as having the highest total profit, find the 3 products with the highest total profit. Specifically, what are the products’ names and the total profit for each product?

Question 3.
Create a visualisation to identify the product subcategory that is the least profitable in Southeast Asia. Note: For this question, assume that Southeast Asia comprises Cambodia,Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar (Burma), the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.

2107AFE Accounting Information Systems Assignment-Griffith University Australia

2107AFE Accounting Information Systems Assignment-Griffith University Australia

Question 4.
Create a visualisation to show which product subcategory has the highest average profit in Australia?

Create a separate visualisation to identify all Australian cities with at least 5 orders. For the remaining cities, look at the subcategory you identified above and find those cities for which the average profit in that category exceeds $100.

Question 5.
Look at your visualisations you have created so far for this assignment and find an appropriate pair of visualisations to create a dashboard with. Go ahead and create the dashboard.

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