Report – Melbourne – Hotel School


Assessment 2: Report This assessment is for these students only: Melbourne – Hotel School;

Sydney – Hotel School.

This assessment requires an analysis of both the design and the condition of a venue.  It assess the learning in Topics 2 – 5. The assessment should be written in an Executive Report format and there are two main parts in the body of this assessment.

Melbourne - Hotel School

Part One:  Venue Design Analysis (~750 words)

Using the theory in the readings and the study guide, explain the importance of venue design, and analyse whether proper design principles

have been applied to your chosen venue.

  • Has the intended purpose of the design been achieved?
  • Have the objectives of the various stakeholders been met?
  • Are there other considerations that were, or should have, been made in

the design of the venue?

Part Two:  Venue Condition Assessment (~750 words)

Using the theory in the readings and the study guide, explain the rationale behind a Venue Condition Assessment based on:

  • the literature as well as
  • the objectives,
  • challenges and
  • benefits associated with such an appraisal.

Assess the condition of your chosen venue using the VCA form created in

Assessment 1 (with modifications after feedback).

Analytic Marking Criteria Holistic Marking Criteria


Case History

Venue description

Ribs and burger is the kind of casual restaurant which have nine store on Sydney and six outside

Sydney. As name said it’s a burger and ribs restaurant the core products of ribs and burger is the

varieties of burger many mouth-watering ribs and steaks.

The actual venue and location this report is describing among many stores of R&B is the store

that located in Rhodes NSW, Shop 53-54, 1 Rider Boulevard Rhodes. Every restaurant has front

of house and back of house so this report key focus on back of house kitchen department of R&B

Rhodes. Size of the venue is a medium and purpose of choosing is to find the proper facilities,

position and environment of it.


History of the Site

R&B is located in the waterside shopping centre in Rhodes. This restaurant comes under the

centre management of shopping centre team however restaurant is not located inside but it is

situated outside but still the part of shopping centre. Doing some research on the venue according

to MR. Ben Giri Manager of R&B Rhodes the venue is going to be refurbish in the last of

August 2017. According to him especially kitchen area is the main focus of the Seagrass

company this company operates all the R&B Restaurants in whole Australia.

Current condition of venue is pretty good as by Manager they are going to add up some kitchen

equipment’s like fridge with larger shelves, large grill, more dockets reading screen, also kitchen



Very important;

Need to make this form more better in excel and fill it up and also put in word

documents along with assignment in same file you can copy paste from excel or

screenshot I don’t know and what in this form written write same also add one

rows for rating skills on excel sheet for this equipments in VAC FORM. and also

give me excel file that you make this form.