Question Mkt asses – Consumer Buying Decision Process


Question Mkt asses – Consumer Buying Decision Process.
Below is the overall consumer behaviour model, which shows the factors affecting consumers’ decision-making. Focusing on the concept of situational factors, your task is to describe and then evaluate the extent to which the situational factors influence your decision-making process, using relevant theories and frameworks. To deepen your evaluation of the influence of situational factors, please compare and contrast the following types of purchasing decisions (use specific examples in your application)

  • An impulse purchase
  • A high involvement purchase

Consumer Buying Decision Process

Question Mkt asses – Consumer Buying Decision Process

Use a report format for this assessment.

Include a title page at the beginning followed by the Summary page for Turnitin

As this is an academic piece of work you must reference (cite) the sources you have used. This should be done within the report and a reference list should be included at the end of your essay/report (place before any appendices if applicable). You can use headings/subheadings.

Referencing: For this assessment, you are required to use APA referencing to acknowledge the sources that you have used in preparing your assessment. Please refer to the CSU referencing guide In addition, a very useful tool for you to use that demonstrates how to correctly use in text referencing and the correct.

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